Giulia-Christina Philipp, Ready to Glare YouTuber and Mental Health Advocate

Ready To Glare, also known as Giulia-Christina Philipp, is an Italian Youtuber that utilizes her platform to discuss various topics ranging from social issues to controversies among public figures. She describes the channel as an “extension” of herself as well as a creative outlet. Giulia is no stranger to being a creative mind, in fact, she worked hard in her academic career to earn her bachelor’s degree in English and English literature from the University of California, Irvine (UCI) and a master’s degree in English Literature from California State University, Fullerton (CSUF). 

When asked what her next goal is she explains she is currently going through a gap year while deciding where she wants to attend to obtain her Ph.D. She goes on to say that growing up, she was influenced by shows about lawyers and doctors. From a young age, it was simply understood by her and her family that this was her goal in life. It was clear then that she was passionate about literature. As a child, she would write her own stories and as she continued to grow she realized that stories had a lot of value in her life. Later in the future, a young undergrad adult Giulia was taking classes related to poetry and creative writing. Storytelling was an art she loved both in writing and through her YouTube videos. 

Her video introduction opens with a short clip of a vaporwave image displaying her name accompanied by a song with the lyrics, “All those moments… will be lost in time.” The words seem fitting to describe what everyone across the globe has experienced in the year 2020 up to now regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. When the world went into lockdown and even when time has progressed, it seems as if the moments before the pandemic have been lost. Mental wellness is one of the topics Giulia touches upon on Ready to Glare. She shares with PositiveVibes Magazine how exactly the pandemic impacted her mentally. 

Isolation is a feeling and act many had to go through this past year including Giulia. She expresses going through a “very big creative block” during the pandemic due to isolation. She had recently moved from California to Massachusetts where she did not know anyone besides her husband. Although, he is someone she considers her best friend, it was still a rough time since she could not leave the house. She was confined within four walls and not very inspired at the time. However, when she did find inspiration, it was later when she returned to California for a visit when it was deemed safer to travel. She described it as “eye-opening” because she saw people living their lives normally as they did pre-pandemic. She was finally able to do a simple activity such as eating indoors at a restaurant which she felt she had previously taken for granted. The trip to California was a bit intimidating but inspiring. 

When asked what her advice for someone struggling with mental health would be, she shares a piece of advice her mother provided her with. 

“Zoom out consistently.” 

When she was in California she tried to look at the “bigger picture.” She noted how California was getting better in regards to the pandemic and COVID-19 cases decreasing. When looking outside of her sphere, she could see there was good news and this helped her become less overwhelmed. Feeling less weight on her shoulders allowed her to feel more at ease, therefore more creative since it felt that the world was not ending. One must see beyond their perspective. 

Make sure to visit the Ready to Glare YouTube channel.

Written by Jennifer Sierra

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