The World of Positivists

The World of Positivists (the Positive Podcast series) brings on different guests exploring topics of self-improvement, spirituality and transformation. We are Positivists (positive advocates), and we want people to unleash their untapped power. We want to see your inner lightworker come to fruition, and transform the world for the betterment of everyone.

Episode 1: The Remix: Hip Hop X Fashion Netflix Documentary Interview with the Directors

The Remix: Hip Hop X Fashion Documentary recently had its debut on Netflix on July 22nd. This documentary profiles Black visionaries in fashion who rewrote narratives on the runway and turned hip-hop style into a global phenomenon. The documentary features interviews with hip-hop fashion pioneers Misa Hylton, April Walker, Kerby Jean-Raymond and Dapper Dan. We had the exceptional opportunity to sit down with both directors (Lisa Cortés & Farah Z. Khalid) and talk about the film, social justice, and social, positive impact of the genre of hip hop.   The Remix: Hip Hop X Fashion Documentary is streaming on Netflix, and we encourage you to watch the film to learn about hip hop fashion and culture, and how it has significantly impacted the music industry.  

Episode 2: Having a Conversation with Taylor Concepcion on Self-Empowerment, Substance Abuse and Mental Health

For our second episode of the Positive Podcast series, we had a conversation with Taylor Concepcion on their passion for social issues, empathy and how they currently help people who are abusing drugs. Taylor Concepcion is the Director for The UNNI Podcast, a Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Writer and Prayer Soldier. University of Nevada Alumni, they graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy, Addiction Prevention, and Leadership and Civic Engagement in 2016. Throughout their career, they have worked with a wide demographic of people ranging from Substance misusers, Athletes, and the everyday worker. TCMentality is their personal brand of which they have been growing for years through Speaking, Coaching, and Vlogging. They have a passion for Recovery and coaching humans in becoming the best version of themselves. Their most recent accomplishment is their first published short-read on Amazon, “The Relationship You’re In.” You can find that available as an Ebook or Paperback!  

Episode 3: Ready to experience the one-day consciousness-raising virtual gathering ~ ‘Conscious Spirit Fest’

We spoke with Mona Loring from Conscious Living PR and Arizona Bell from Spirit Guides Media about their collaborative, exciting one-day consciousness-raising virtual gathering called, “Conscious Spirit Fest.” 

From morning yoga to breathwork, guided meditations, and inspirational talks from your favorite spiritual voices, you will tap into the mystical all day long during this virtual spiritual festival! With the world in disarray and even the most grounded among us struggling to stay in our highest vibe state of mind, this is the community gathering we all need. We are all hungry for spiritual knowledge and community and connection right now, and Conscious Spirit Fest intends to provide all of the above for lightworkers who are ready to level up and band together during this trying time in human history. Uniting and rising is the call of our generation. Join us as we spend the day together, grounding down, connecting up, and stepping into our collective power! 

This festival will be on October 18. We hope to see you there!

Episode 4: Ready to experience the one-day consciousness-raising virtual gathering ~ ‘Conscious Spirit Fest’

Amy White is an intuitive medium, a channel, an energy healer, and, what she likes to call herself, a truth bomb dropper. She works with people and helps them connect to their inner knowing. She teaches how to use that inner knowing to help guide us each on our individual journeys. When Amy does this work, depending on her audience, she can help bring forward people’s inner wisdom so they can begin to trust, move through things that block their path and begin to lead their life from a place of knowing as opposed to looking outward. She empowers people’s lives, so they can start to feel like they are fully embodying their experience.

Episode 5: Going on an Adventure with Positive Magick and Striving for a Positive Life with the “Good Witch” Patti Negri

In the Hollywood Hills lives Patti Negri, a whimsical, positivity-filled woman that sees the good in everyone and everything. She lives with her drummer husband, the ghosts of a French artist named Adrienne and her dead Dachshund, a haunted doll, and a living cat, all of which culminates to show just how interesting her life is. Once dabbling in the world of acting, singing, and dancing, and after owning her own production company, she now gives her full time to the spirit world. Patti’s private clients, which she sees one-on-one for readings, are now done over Zoom due to the current pandemic situation. She also teaches and speaks at conferences, does energy clearings of houses to clear bad energy and negativity, and performs seances. In her work, she tries to show how real the spirit world is and how changing one’s relationship with it changes their relationship with death.

Episode 6: Beauty Is In the Heart of the Beholder

We had the opportunity to speak with Mandy Coffee. Mandy is a digital entrepreneur and joyful full figured model based in Arizona. As a single mom to 3 young kids, she dedicates her social media platforms to spreading positivity in hopes of leaving the world that she raises her kids in a better place. This entire interview can be summed up in one quote: “Beauty is in the heart of the beholder” by H.G. Wells.

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