The Unique Life of a Medium, Artist, and Trending TikToker, Kelsi Davies

PVM: How do you describe yourself, what’s your brand, what do you represent? I know that’s a lot, but I would love to hear in your own words who you are.

Kelsi: My name is Kelsi Davies. I’m a psychic medium-it runs in my family. Recently, I really started to embrace my gifts and began sharing them with everyone on social media. I kind of blew up on Tiktok thanks to the spiritual and haunted stuff. I have a haunted doll and people really like her, so I started posting that. I also really like going to haunted places and seeing what I catch on camera and what I can experience for myself.

Aside from the spooky stuff, I act and I’m a singer as well. While I do Tiktok and YouTube, I’m getting more into acting again. I used to do a lot of it. I started with that first, then I stopped to do YouTube and the spooky stuff. Now, I’m just doing social media and seeing where it takes me honestly. 

PVM: Tell me about your social media journey?

Kelsi: I started out on YouTube. I had a channel with my best friend, who I live with now. We started the channel together and she also has psychic gifts, which is really weird. We both figured it out as we were going along with our friendship and we both started having weird experiences-psychic and medium stuff. But we both didn’t know the other had it. We just started to blossom together in that aspect. We did that YouTube channel together where we would go to the most haunted places and just pretty much get scared. We didn’t really understand that we could feel spirits, which is why we would go, but we didn’t understand it. We went our separate ways with our separate channels because she didn’t want to go to haunted places all the time-I don’t blame her. So, I started my own channel. 

PVM: That’s great you both are on YouTube! Do you both ever collaborate?

Kelsi: Yeah, all the time! She does tarot and will always read my tarot. I get visions of things, so we kind of match up what the other gets. It’s consistent, so it can get really weird.

PVM: Have you ever dabbled in Tarot?

Kelsi: I don’t. I’m not very good at shuffling the cards. I usually pick up on whatever cards are going to fly out before they actually fly out. It’s a good tool, but I don’t feel like I need that tool because my gifts are very unique in that way. Since I was little I would receive visions. It wasn’t like That’s So Raven where all of a sudden I would know things. It’s like mid-conversation, I’ll get “downloads” of things like what’s going on in their life, their energy, what they’re feeling, or what’s going to happen. I’ve always had that since I was little. I didn’t really understand it and I actually got tattoos that didn’t mean anything to me until the future. I got this witch sigil tattoo and I wasn’t into astrology or anything like that. Later on, I remembered I wanted it for some reason even though I didn’t know what it meant. I eventually figured out it’s literally everything I do. It deflects negative energy away from me. 

I would always know what channel or show was going to be on the TV before my mom turned it on. I would get visions about fires by my house and I would tell my mom about them, then later that day, it would happen. The medium stuff came up because I always felt like there were spirits around me my whole life. I didn’t understand it and I wasn’t sure what I was feeling. I was skeptical. So once I started getting more into it, I started seeing them and I was like “Okay, I can’t go on not believing now.” 

I’m literally seeing spirits and it’s a daily thing. It’s gotten that intense, but I usually get visions or “downloads”of spirits and how they’ve died, where they’re standing in the room, and what they look like. It’s a crazy journey and people don’t believe you with these things. I feel like people don’t believe it until they experience it themselves.

PVM: Do you think the world is becoming more conscious?

Kelsi: I think that there is a big spiritual awakening going on with a lot of people because so many people are suddenly into crystals and spirituality out of nowhere. I used to be the odd one out-my friends too. People thought we were weird, but now everyone is doing it. Obviously there is something going on where we’re all up in that consciousness or in that vibrational energy. 

PVM: Why did you start TikTok?

Kelsi: I started TikTok with help from my friend Omar. He actually helped me learn the ropes of YouTube too; he’s OmarGoshTV on YouTube. He told me to start posting on Tiktok because he knows I dance and entertain on top of being a psychic medium. 

I started doing acting videos and dancing, just a few things here and there. Then I started getting into the paranormal and started putting it on TikTok. Once I got Lola (my haunted doll), I made one of my first videos that brought in loyal followers that wanted to see more. 

My whole journey with Lola since I bought her is on my TikTok. I feel like after that it just popped off and people were fascinated with her and the experiences I would have with her. Now I see her daily. Before I would freak out if I saw her, but now it’s a normal thing. I think that she really helped me blow up on Tiktok. I don’t know if it was her plan, but it just kind of happened. 

PVM: Do you use your mediumship and psychic powers to help people? How have people been impacted by your gifts?

Kelsi: Yeah, I always do readings for free. I’ve never charged for readings because I don’t feel like I need to unless I really need to make money, then I would definitely charge for them. 

I just enjoy helping people and I feel like there are a lot of people that have come to me and I’ve changed their perspective on a lot of things. I’ve had crazy and unexplainable experiences. People think mediums are vague, but sometimes I can get it to a tee; I knew about a signed baseball in someone’s grandpa’s house. 

I definitely use my gifts to help people, but I want more people to know and see that it is legit. Mediums aren’t scamming people. Maybe there are some out there who don’t really have gifts and scam people, and that sucks because it ruins our credibility but I want to show people my experiences raw, even if I get things wrong here or there. I want people to know that it is real and it can help people. It can help people know that they’re being looked after and they’re not alone. 

There’s been people grieving and they don’t know if the person that they’ve lost is okay. I’ve had the person come through to me to give them messages about how they are doing. They’re in tears of joy, like they’re happy that they’re there. I definitely think that it impacts people in a positive way. I’ve never had a negative experience with a reading, it’s always been positive. I really think it helps people.

PVM: Do you think that your gifts are needed more now because of the pandemic? Do you think that it has accelerated things?

Kelsi: Honestly, with COVID, I feel like I was really finding myself and was finding my spirituality. I had my spiritual awakening during COVID. I’m not sure why, but I feel like a lot of people did. A lot of people are really focusing on themselves. 

It started growing on TikTok too where people are getting really into it too. People are just sitting in their houses having a really hard time and this is something that is really positive and enlightening. So I definitely think that COVID helped me with my gifts, but I can’t speak for everyone. I think it’s helped a lot of people, although COVID really sucks.

PVM: How do you spread awareness about mental health? What do you personally do to support your own mental health, especially during these times?

Kelsi: Yeah, I definitely support mental health awareness. I used to be very depressed and had a very toxic relationship in the past. I would self-harm and wasn’t happy. I was very skinny and lost a lot of weight and just wasn’t myself. I look back at my energy back then and I was like a different person.

I want people to know that you can get past it. You can rise up after that. Ask people for help, there are definitely ways to get through it. Spirituality really helped me. I know that religion has helped people. Finding something does help, but I feel like if you are dealing with anything, just try your best to raise your vibrations. Try your best to stay positive. Because I truly believe positivity attracts positivity in this world. I just want people to know you can get past it. I’ve definitely been through it.

PVM: What’s your advice for someone who is there now?

Kelsi: Honestly, daily affirmations really help me: “I am healthy. I am happy. I love myself. I love other people. I’m proud of other people. I’m proud of myself.”  Things like that are what really help you raise up and feel a lot better. It helps to do it daily because you’re not just going to get past it in one day. Some people don’t get it and say, “Just be happy and you’ll be fine.” But it’s a daily battle. Focus on yourself daily and how to improve yourself. You will be happier overall. 

You don’t want to fake happiness or positivity. I can’t fake my emotions. If I’m upset about something I’m not going to act happy about it. But there is something deep down you need to work on. I do meditations and I feel like they’ve helped me so much. They’ve helped other people too. It helps doing them daily. It releases a lot of blockages and negativity you have built up. It allows you to breathe and be yourself.

PVM: I definitely want to hear about heartbeats. Tell me all about your new song. When did you write it and record it? How do you feel now that it’s out?

Kelsi: The song is about mental health and my toxic ex. I went through a lot with him and I was in the hospital for self-harm at one point. I lost a lot of weight. He would check my phone every 30 minutes and I wasn’t allowed to talk to anyone. I was so lost and stuck because I was in love with this guy. He was fine and we had a great relationship at first. All of a sudden things started changing.

I wanted to put it into a video or song, but I wanted to make it happy. It was something so depressing in my life that I wanted to add light to it in some way. It definitely helped. I wanted to show that you can get past that toxicity in your life no matter what it is. If it’s within yourself, if it’s someone else, if it’s your family, I want you to know you can get past it and truly be your authentic self. 

I collaborated with Comanavago, two super talented artists from London, and I actually worked on a Christmas song with them prior. They wanted to work on something else and I said I was down. I sent them my whole story, how it affected me and those around me, because I’m not a good songwriter. I wanted to have them write it, but I said “Let’s make it happy, not super depressing. Let’s do something with this. I trust you guys.”

They’re just so talented and when they sent me the demo, I loved it. I said this is perfect. It says “my heart still beats without you.” Like I can move on without that toxicity, I can move on. I’m still breathing and I can move forward past that negativity. 

They really got it spot on and made it super fun so I asked my friend Gage Wayne, who I met in Palm Springs, if he’d direct it. He’s a choreographer too. Since I’m super into dance we were bonding over that. I showed him my song and I asked if he would help me. We got it together that month, it was pretty quick. We went to look for locations, I wrote the story board because I wanted it to be authentically me, I asked him to help me out, and we put it together. 

We found extras and people from the LGBTQ+ community to come out. We had drag queens. We had supporters for LGBTQ too because I’m pansexual. My ex and his family were against that kind of stuff. It was just a bad situation. I felt like I couldn’t truly be myself and I felt trapped.

So, we went and when we filmed it we started with all these words on my body, like things he had said to me that really cut deep. We started with that and I rubbed off the writing, then we went on to me being my authentic self with my best friend and having fun. We would always go to sushi bars just to get away and have fun. I don’t know, I think it came together super duper well. It was so fun and uplifting for such a dark period in my life. It turned it into a positive-that was a really great experience. 

PVM: Now that it’s out, what’s been the feedback? Have people been positive? 

Kelsi: People have been so positive about it. I’ve been nervous because I’m new to music. I know people don’t like when TikTokers start to sing. I don’t know why because it’s like we have other things we’re good at. I was nervous, but it was such a positive response, everyone was so supportive. Lola made a cameo in it. PrideHouse LA is in it. 

I’m honestly so grateful that I have such an amazing fanbase that is so damn supportive of everything I do. Now I want to release another song, but I’m still nervous like always. People’s opinions matter, they don’t-but they do! The negative one’s don’t matter but they do-so I get nervous. I honestly think that it will be good. 

PVM: Are you working on any other music right now?

Kelsi: Yeah, I have a new song coming out. We’re going to work on the music video. I’ll probably have Kent Boyd dance with me so it will be a dance video. I really want to show my dancing because I haven’t before. Some people forget I’m a professional dancer too, which sucks because it’s a big part of my life. Kent is amazing, he’s from So You Think You Can Dance-he got 2nd place! He’s also a part of PrideHouse LA. He’s an amazing choreographer, person, and dancer. I think he’s in, so we’re working on that.

Written by Jillian Munoz

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