Diving Into the Mind of a Soul Strategist, Andi Eaton

Andi Eaton is a Leo sun, Taurus moon, Cap rising. She lives in Los Angeles with her partner of 7 years and considers herself to be a lover of experiential travel, music, and creative endeavors. She lives for the mission of inspiring others to find their most authentic selves and the confidence to go for their big, juicy dreams.

She spent 10+ years as a Senior Executive in the beauty industry before becoming a student of Astrology, Human Design, Meditation, and Kundalini. After a decade as a corporate executive, she still needed permission to be the CEO of her life–that was a tough realization! Everything opened up for her when she committed to meditation, studying the stars, and manifestation.

Mystical practices helped Eaton cultivate her self-worth, discover her purpose, and design the life she feels so fortunate to be living now. Today she runs a creative consulting business, curates a blog read by 1/2 million people each month, and hosts a charted podcast, all with the goal of empowering people to live a highly vibrational and transformative life.

PVM: How did you get started?

I’m a wellness enthusiast and believe wellness should be available to everyone, no matter who you are, how much money is in your pocket, or where you are in the world.

Seven years ago, when I was an executive for an Ayurvedic beauty brand, I was living the office life during the week and taking every weekend I could to visit faraway places. Finally, after a decade of that lifestyle, I decided it was time to explore my next calling. I gave a year’s notice, took a big leap of faith, left my job, packed only the essentials, and booked a one-way trip to the Mediterranean. It was the most spontaneous thing I’d ever done.

After leaving the corporate world and taking my sabbatical, I returned home to launch a fashion incubator in post-Katrina New Orleans. My goal was to support local designers in restarting their businesses after the natural disaster cut the population of the city in half. As the city and the artists regained footing, my focus expanded. I considered new ways to leverage my business mind. With my home base being the Voodoo capital of the U.S., it was hard not to sprinkle a bit of juju into my work. Coupling business with the spirituality and healing modalities I was experiencing while traveling and exploring, I was determined to find new ways to create good in the world.

PVM: What is your journey with spirituality and what do you love most about the work you do?

While living in Spain, I began studying at the Enlightenment Stupa – a Buddhist temple overlooking Costa del Sol. My mornings were dedicated to meditating on the seaside, and I dove into celestial studies by night.

In 2016, as I spent more time wandering, my small personal blog grew a significant audience interested in travel, astrology, and wellness tips. I decided then to restructure and relaunch it. I began studying every mystical modality I could get my hands on as the blog grew.

Oui, We” became a home for mystical thinking in the modern world. I embraced a new personal mission to grow a digital platform based in Los Angeles dedicated to inspiring people to find their authentic selves and true confidence through holistic practices, mystical thinking, creative entrepreneurship, and experiential travel. I love working with corporate clients and individuals alike to infuse more soul into the world of work and to encourage people, one by one, to truly find their gifts and pursue a higher calling. 

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PVM: What is the Your Woo Woo Best Friend Podcast? Why did you begin that and what has it been like to be a podcaster?

We say the show is like a slumber party with your witchiest best friend, an Ouija board, and a magic eight ball. It’s intended to be a no-BS approach to spirituality. My goal is to make wellness and mysticism accessible–it can often feel so exclusive and, honestly, pretty scary to step into–my intention is to change that. On the show, we invite people with soul-led, conscious ways of thinking to give new ideas a try and to give them all the information they need to decide if a particular modality is for them. I started the show in early 2020 as I saw more people starting to dip their toe in, and it’s been an incredible journey thus far.

PVM: Broadly, what is your 8-step guide to manifestation magic?

The guide is intended to help people release blocks, face limiting beliefs and fears, and begin to re-wire habits while stepping into confidence and inner power and taking action toward dreams. Through the guide, I hope to help people spend less time thinking that their dreams are fairly impossible and instead harness their energy and the universe to build a plan with inspired action strategies that give them a life of abundance, connection, and alignment.

PVM: What is Seachangers? What does it offer?

Seachangers is my community space for creative, mystically-minded women in business. Seachangers features a Monthly Co-working session plus courses to support women in shifting from Creative to conscious CEO.

PVM: In your own words, what is Manifestation and why should more people learn about it?

Essentially, manifesting is making everything you want to feel and experience a reality… via your thoughts, actions, beliefs, and emotions.

It’s about turning your dreams into reality, and it requires that you take inspired action steps toward whatever it is you desire. To start manifesting, you have to get clear about your goals. You need to be in regular conversation with your dreams. You are the only one who dreams your dreams, so whether it’s a new home, a healthy relationship, or a better job, know it and own it.

We’re always manifesting, whether we’re conscious of it or not, so when we learn practices to harness our power, we can cultivate a life we’re excited and proud to live.

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PVM: What is your advice for people who are experiencing mental health issues? How does your work support the mental health community?

My biggest piece of advice is to seek out support–talk with friends, family, and a professional that can support you in understanding the best approach for your mental health and well-being. The work we do at “Oui, We” is intended to be a resource to empower and support personal well-being in conjunction with the work of therapists and mental health professionals. 

PVM: What is your secret ingredient to wellness and positivity?

Truly, I don’t feel the need to hustle, grind, and get burnt out anymore because I know I can hone my power to get sh!t done with ease. It doesn’t mean I don’t work hard; however, I prioritize my self-care because I know when I’m well–in mind, body, and spirit–I’m more effective, loving, empathetic, giving, and positive too!

PVM: Do you have any last parting thoughts for our audience?

Be proud of yourself, remember how worthy and uniquely special you are. Treat this life of yours like gold! For anyone who’s interested in experiencing the podcast, our courses at Oui, We Studio, or our resources, come on in! We’re a really fun group of people, and we’d love to meet you!

Written by PositiveVibes Magazine Staff

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