Profundity of an Alchemist: Colm Holland Talks Progression and Living the Life He Preaches

Colm Holland describes himself as an ever-changing and progressing author, a husband, an alchemist, and a seeker of truth.

A contributor and truly existing person in society, Holland is a factual believer in the innate power of the human species’ collective and individual evolution. As an explorer, he is still keen to learn and is enrolled in a master’s degree at the university, still in his late sixties. Always wanting more, Holland believes he should contribute to the best of his ability.

Holland was one of the people responsible for Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist” to gain global recognition when he was a publisher. He declared how his “intuition took over with the book,” explaining how he allowed it to speak to his professional sense, instantly knowing what this book had to offer. The significance of this book was how it allowed Holland to involve his intuition in his daily life, changing the narrative, and not accepting fate as the ruler in his life.

Colm’s energy shifted when he applied this, not only in his own life but also in his book, “The Secret of The Alchemist,” explaining the principles of Alchemy and those of individuation. In his book, he not only explains what he had learned but also tells his own story of when he chose to follow the path of self-awareness.

So, when he was asked to give more in-depth input regarding his book, Holland shared how he first wanted to explore writing the Alchemist. Still, then the book took a significant turn. Holland, after that, recollected his own reminiscences when meeting The Alchemist’s author years back; “I actually met Paulo Coelho in Australia, when he took my wife and me for a meal and thanked us for the enthusiasm.”

Holland recalls his meet-up with Coelho, describing how he gave him the gift of thinking of him. He told Holland he would do the alchemy work for him, so, whatever he wished, he simply needed to ask for it. The universe will give it. It will listen to his heart. After that, blockages began to move out of the way, and the world started to behave differently from Holland.

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According to him, “It’s all about turning negativity, facing it, embracing it and our pain, so they would enhance our lives, contribute to us.” Besides being an author, Holland also does online teaching at, a place filled with professional educators and healers who want to help care for the world.

“I agree with the fact that if you take proper care of yourself, magical things happen.” Holland added, “The ingredient that I discovered, my contribution to alchemy, is that I believe that what makes all this work is the force that is called unconditional love. Acceptance, without judgment, not the fact of trying to be the best version because it does not exist.”

“I tried to be the better me for an awfully long time, and I failed miserably at it. To go to the depth of one’s worst and to allow it to be embraced and loved, that is creating something new, a new self.”

Holland discussed the idea of an “inner marriage” that needs to take place: the equality between a part of ourselves that we often ignore. It is our unconscious and conscious self–the part we think runs the day. However, our unconscious also controls how we feel and behave–except we are rarely aware of it, with disastrous consequences.

This inner division needs to be brought together, and the only way to do that would be through unconditional love when both parts embrace the other.

“Out of that marriage is born the new self, the philosopher’s child, as the alchemists call it.”

Holland admits to this having a lot of power, alerting, however, that “the more you think of the positives, the more the negatives heighten,” so one ought to know how to properly deal with it. The inner work is so much more than simply thinking positively–it’s about allowing love to create deep self-acceptance.

When asked to further elaborate on the notion of how the unconscious is connected to the universe, Holland declared that whenever one’s true energy and intention are directed towards something positive, things will begin to happen in their outer exterior to give them positivity.

“The Alchemist calls these Omens. Purpose in coincidence is how I see it; these things do happen, and they mean something to me.”

Concluding his share of thoughts, Holland affirmed that when someone wants something, the whole universe will conspire to make it happen. When we, in our soul, manifest something, the answer will come. This is about meaningful coincidences that help you in your journey, and these things happen regularly. Hence, our intuition helps guide us in discerning what is real and what is not.

Written by Sarah El Hajj
Written by Sarah El Hajj

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