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Matthew Wade is a Braveheart Who Inspires People Through Music

Most of the time, our doubts coupled with the fear of failure keep us from pursuing what we are passionate about. We end up not doing the things we should have done because we weren’t sure if success was going to come our way. We must remember that no matter what happens, we need to give ourselves a chance. It is important to ask yourself why you want to do something. Don’t do things only for the sake of succeeding and winning. Do things because they ignite a spark, and make you feel alive. Even if things don’t go the way you thought, you still will not have any regrets because you gave it a shot.

Matthew Wade describes himself as a positive person who likes to inspire people through the art of music. While performing, he goes by the moniker, My Silent Bravery. He’s written hundreds of songs, released eight albums, and secured over 1,000 gigs. His musical journey began at the age of 18. Even though he was always fascinated by it, he couldn’t devote time to it because he actively played sports. It was only when a high school project came along that he had the chance to learn something he always wanted.

He learned a few chords on the guitar and wrote his first song, Side of the Road, which was featured on the popular TV show, One Tree Hill, a few years later. The joy he felt preparing that song made him realize his desire and passion for music. Matthew also felt that because he went out of his comfort zone while he composed this song, it was the universe’s way of affirming he was on the right track.

However, when he was in his senior year of college, he injured himself while studying abroad in Australia. He herniated a few discs in his neck, and the road to recovery was a long one. When he returned to the United States, he sought every treatment ranging from acupuncture, sports therapy, and massage therapy, in fact, to any and every treatment out there. Surgery was one of the options recommended to him, but Matthew was only 21 years old when it happened. He believed since he was young, his body could heal itself.

But during that time, he felt lost, and just wanted to feel better. His life had taken a 360-degree turn. Matthew was always athletic and enjoyed interacting with people. But facing this setback made him feel helpless. 

It was at the juncture in his life when he discovered spirituality. After being at crossroads for a long time, Matthew decided to explore this avenue. He realized his injury must be viewed as a challenge he had the power to overcome. He shifted his perspective by following the principles of Kabbalah. It had been a life-changing experience for him. 

Navigating through recovery is not an easy journey. As Matthew mentioned, this experience doesn’t come with a roadmap. There will be times when a person will feel lost, and their difficulties can have a debilitating impact on their lives. Sometimes, people’s suggestions may potentially do more harm than good. All methods don’t need to suit everyone. What worked out for another person may hinder your progress. This is precisely why it is essential to figure out your path in life. Each person’s life is different, and so is the road to recovery. You must be brave and have faith to face your challenges and try to rise above them. 

He understands life can be crushing and will knock you down many times before you land steadily on your feet. Experiencing chronic pain and his journey to recovery made him realize how his purpose is to inspire people through music. He writes inspirational pop-rock music with the message of positivity. He hopes these uplifting themes impact all those who are struggling. Life is already tough enough, so Matthew wants to do his part to help people feel better about life and be more inspired. 

Matthew iterates how life can change in an instant, and tomorrow is not guaranteed. He urges people to be brave and face their fears. He understands experiencing pain and trials can be disturbing. However, at the end of the tunnel is a light. And once these troubles are over, we will have the chance to look back and appreciate the journey. You may even pat yourself on the back to celebrate your courage to move forward and the strength to not give up when times became difficult.

As an artist, he recognizes the challenges faced by entertainers or those who wish to work in the creative industry. His advice to them is to find something to be passionate about. It’s about finding your lane. Though it may take some time, and things may not go your way, you must not give up. And don’t be afraid to do the work. Hard work is always rewarded, and it is vital to realize that sometimes, the work is the reward. Most people don’t realize how lucky they are to be doing something they love. 

Success isn’t always guaranteed. Sometimes, your idea of success might be vastly different from your achievements. The key to happiness lies in managing your expectations and realities. Always ask yourself why you’re doing something and what you plan to gain out of it. The answer should motivate you to work hard and enjoy the journey despite the challenges you might face.

The pandemic has been taxing for everyone. We must try our best to stay positive. Even though the world is a much more complicated place, and it seems that troubles are never far away, find something that makes you happy. In this unknown journey of life that has many twists and turns, find your passion, pursue joy and activities that bring you happiness, and face your challenges. There’s nothing that you cannot do. 

Kabbalah was a game-changer for Matthew, and he hopes that people find their own Kabbalah that helps them live better, happier, and more peaceful lives. 

Matthew is active on social media through Instagram and Facebook. He does livestreams regularly. He interacts with his audience to spread the message of positivity, and through the community of Bravehearts, he hopes that many people can find the courage and strength to overcome their adversities and find happiness and positivity.  

Written by Devanshee Sharma
Written by Devanshee Sharma

Content Writer, Researcher and Storyteller

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