The Spring Basket of Miracles

PositiveVibes Magazine is excited to report on the “Spring Basket of Miracles” event. Southern Californians came together to support non-profit Miracles for Kids annual “Spring Basket of Miracles” in Irvine, CA on April 2nd, 2022.

Over 100 people gathered, driving from La to San Diego, on April 2 that volunteered to help pack Easter baskets from 9 AM to 11:30 in Irvine, CA for kids that are critically ill. 

The community event was held by non-profit Miracles for Kids in Irvine, CA at the charity’s headquarters. There were additional locations in the Los Angeles area for those that couldn’t make it to Orange County but wanted to donate or help in any way they could. The day was blessed and Miracles for Kids made it easy to “be the miracle” for families fighting for their children’s lives with their annual Spring Basket of Miracles event. 

Many people and sponsors including Perricone Farms, Quicksilver, Roxy, Manna Kadar Beauty, Frankie Dean, Bella Dahl and more offered support by donating items, dropping off requested items, packing baskets on location and delivering the baskets to the families in need the same day. The day was concluded with the OC Sheriff’s Department, where officials cheerfully volunteered to pick up and deliver items safely to each household.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of MFK 

Since 2002, the California-based non-profit has supported families struggling to win the battle against a child’s life-threatening illness, providing essentials like financial support, housing, access to counseling, and more. Every spring, their “Spring Basket of Miracles” event brings together hundreds of volunteers and celebrity guests to assemble gift baskets for the families on their roster, offering three fun ways to lend a helping hand. 

When a family is brought down by the devastation of a critically ill child, Miracles for Kids is there to pick them back up. Bills, work, and the pressures of life don’t stop when a child receives a devastating health diagnosis. Partnering with several major area hospitals, organizations, and individuals, the Miracles team works tirelessly to ease the burden of families in crisis, so the caregivers can focus on fighting (and winning) the battle. The “Spring Basket of Miracles” event is just one way the non-profit helps to provide for these families, delivering household and hygiene items – plus some Easter goodies for the kids. 

Written by PositiveVibes Magazine Staff

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