Embrace Your Inner Fat Girl With Natalie Taste

Natalie Taste is a food and beverage social influencer. She is the founder of “YourInnerFatGirl.” Since the launch of “Yourinnerfatgirl,” she has made a name for herself with over thousands of followers and “Fat Girls.” Due to the success of “Your Inner Fat Girl,” Natalie has been featured on BuzzFeed and co-hosted local radio shows in the city. She has also been featured on many panel discussions regarding entrepreneurship and branding. Things aren’t slowing down for her. She is currently working on a few projects in NOLA and gearing for the creatives of the culture and food of NOLA. 

What is your story? Who is Natalie Taste?

I am a twenty-something girl from New Orleans who found her passion and turned it into profit through Your Inner Fat Girl. I’m a laid-back girlie with a wild side who has an affinity for all things food. I’m the creative innovator of my seven siblings and “the go with the flow” friend. A girl’s girl who loves shopping, traveling, eating and meeting interesting people.  

What is Yourinnerfatgirl? Why did you decide to start this business?

Your Inner Fat Girl is a food brand group or lifestyle brand that engages the community through a food blog, brand merch, and social experiences. The meaning behind the name, Your Inner Fat Girl, can be described as your inner Sasha Fierce or your authentic self that you don’t always feel comfortable showing to the world. My business started as a blog with no intention of expanding. It wasn’t until my audience continued growing that I knew I had something special.  

Are you a body positivity advocate? If yes, please describe why you became an advocate?

Photographed by Christopher Horne

Yes, I am because I know what it’s like to be body conscious and ashamed of what you see in the mirror. My platform has organically allowed me to build confidence in others through my authenticity and brand slogan, ”Fat Girls Taste Better.”

How does body positivity impact mental health? How does the work you do positively support mental health?

Body positivity is a state of accepting yourself no matter the size, shape, or skin color which is a part of your mental health. In March 2020, I released my first piece of merchandise that read, “Fat Girls Taste Better”, and through that alone, I changed the connotation of “fat” and made it attractive to people across the U.S. My first campaign and anniversary collection, Good Fat V Bad Fat, promoted balance and grace with diet and life in general. I’d like to think I’m a small part that’s pushing the mission of the body positivity movement. 

What is your definition of confidence? For someone who lacks self-confidence, what is your advice on finding it?

My definition of confidence is a feeling of proudness and certainty in self, someone or something. My advice on finding self-confidence is to own every part of your being including the not-so-flattering qualities. A practice that may help is to write down your flaws or what you dislike about yourself and find the positive in them.

As an entrepreneur, what is your advice for other people interested in starting their own idea, organization or business.

My advice is to simply GO FOR IT! If you believe in an idea and develop tunnel vision to execute, you’ll come out on top. 

What is a personal mantra that inspires you?

I am able to eat everything that’s put on my plate. 

Who is someone who has motivated you to be the person you are today?

My mom has motivated me to be the independent woman I am today. Growing up watching a single mother work 12-16-hour night shifts left me not being able to take handouts. I’ll work for everything I have to my name.

Why is self-care and self-love so important?

Self-care and self-love go hand and hand. I believe self-care is a form of self-love and is necessary because it plays a vital role in one’s personal development. Like a tree, you have to water the foundation in order for it to grow. Self-love is important because it’s the armor to our essence making us unable to be broken literally or figuratively.

Do you have any final thoughts for our audience?

When you’re feeling unmotivated, begin daily positive affirmations, and at the end of each day reflect on what you’re grateful for. This will leave a positive impact on your day-to-day.

Written by PositiveVibes Magazine

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