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Stop These Key Things Right Now to Improve Your Personal Life

Life is all about balance. If you want to have a happy personal life as well as a successful professional life, you must find a way to strike that balance. Likewise, if you constantly strive for something that can never be achieved, you’ll end up disappointed and resentful. To help you achieve this sense of balance, here are things you should stop doing to improve your personal life.

Embrace Your Inner Fat Girl With Natalie Taste

Natalie Taste is a food and beverage social influencer. She is the founder of “YourInnerFatGirl.” Since the launch of “Yourinnerfatgirl,” she has made a name for herself with over thousands of followers and “Fat Girls.” Due to the success of “Your Inner Fat Girl,” Natalie has been featured on BuzzFeed and co-hosted local radio shows in the city. She has also been featured on many panel discussions regarding entrepreneurship and branding. Things aren’t slowing down for her. She is currently working on a few projects in NOLA and gearing for the creatives of the culture and food of NOLA. 

My Spiritual Awakening

My mom always read the last few lines of the novel, because she wanted to know the ending. And when she passed it was not the end, but only her beginning.

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