Angela Soffe: The Upcoming Musician and Women’s Rights Champion

Tell us about yourself

I grew up in the middle child of a large Mormon family in the Philippines. My parents are Argentine-American and we lived in Manila because of my dad’s job developing businesses in Asia. I had a really unique childhood, but I didn’t know it until I moved to the USA and met other Americans. In college, I began playing American folk music, songwriting and touring. I’m now a songwriter, creative director, wife, and mother of three kids, one dog and 10 chickens. 

What inspired you to go into music?

I’ve always had a deep and enduring connection to music. It’s the way I process my life, my struggles, my joys, and everything I experience. When I was 11, I remember I was really mad one day and wrote my first piano solo and dumped all my feelings onto the keys. I’m grateful to music for giving me a place to unload. So in some ways, music chose me more than the other way around. 

What do you love the most about making music?

I love that music lets me say things that words just can’t. Lyrics or not, every song is like a new painting waiting to be made into something. Music is a different dimension where we can all experience something profound, something that shapes us just a little, or a lot.

How has music helped you on your journey?

Music has been my oldest friend. It’s there for me to lean on at times when I’ve felt completely alone, or when I want to party. It’s been a way to both celebrate and grieve. Music is the lifelong partner that’s been with me through all the ups and downs.

What is your advice to emerging artists like yourself?

If you’re meant to make music, you already know it. Don’t worry about metrics, or numbers, or “making it.” Just spend time with your craft and make really good music. Make the music only YOU can make and get to know and accept yourself fully. All of the good things flow out of that space. Once you fully love and accept yourself, the rest doesn’t even matter so much. You’re free to just make the music and share it.

Has music made you resilient during this time of COVID-19?

Yes. I think the pandemic has created a necessity for resilience, and music has been the byproduct. I’ve had to find new ways to create and share and perform, and all of those have been learning and expanding experiences. The pandemic has provided an opportunity for all of us artists to think more creatively, and treasure our performances a bit more.

What keeps you going when things are hard?

I’ve learned that managing my mindset and mental health are just as important as physical health. (If not more so!) I’m very self aware, journal a lot, workout, lean on friends, family, and of course songwriting. I do let myself have down days, I think it’s important to allow ourselves to feel what we feel. Eventually the lows become highs again and we look back with some well-deserved wisdom in our pockets.

Who inspires you everyday?

I’m inspired by people who seem to defy the odds. People who keep going, even when they could  so easily give up. I have friends with disabilities, terminal illnesses, broken hearts, all of it. I’m inspired by people who overcome.

Why are you a champion for women’s rights?

I spent the first half of my lifetime believing in programming and myths that didn’t serve my highest good. It’s only been recently that I’ve broken free, found my voice, and feel inspired to empower other women. I want to remind them of who they are, and that they’re capable of having and achieving their desires. So many women play small, hide away, and feel “not good enough” on repeat. I’ve created a platform called, Heroica, to teach women how to listen to their inner voice and take brave steps toward what they want. You can find me on Instagram where I share inspiration, my Masterclasses, and women can join my upcoming class in 2022!

Do you have a mantra or saying that you live by?

Yes! Well, I have MANY. But my current favorite, “What happens to you, happens for you.” Everything we go through is an opportunity to level up, to rise above, to become something new and better. Sometimes gifts are disguised as troubles.

Any parting thoughts for our audience?

I spent many years doubting myself and suppressing my soul’s true desires. I finally learned to listen to my inner voice and do what lights me up. If something lights you up and brings joy, do more of that thing. It doesn’t matter if there is money or fame, do it because you love it and your soul will come alive.

I run a lifestyle brand, Heroica, dedicated to helping aspiring creatives listen to and follow their inner knowing. Follow me on IG for tips and inspiration and to join the new class when it opens up.

Written by PositiveVibes Magazine Staff

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