Be That Change in the World: An Interview with Nate Davis of Davis & The Love

Nate Davis is a singer-songwriter and member of the modern pop group, Davis & The Love. Growing up as an only child in Indiana, Nate recalls his love of performing emerging from an early age in the form of singing, acting, and playing in a band with his high school friends. His natural talent, drive, and dedication to his craft has led Davis & The Love to get noticed by managers, record labels, and a rapidly growing following of dedicated listeners. With the recent release of their popular new song, “Change The World (Be That Change)” and a desire to put positive energy back out into the world, Davis & The Love have no plans of slowing down.

Nate describes having always been drawn to musicians with a powerful message and artists who have something to say. Nate attributes his own personal style to the influences of 80’s pop, Motown, as well as other soul records, and strives to bring the essence of his musical role models into his own work.

When it comes to defining what message Davis & The Love wants to spread themselves, Nate believes in the power of the individual and how it’s often one single person that can create a whole movement. Starting out, Nate felt that the world of music entertainment was falling into a dark place and feels that much of that same negativity is spreading more rapidly throughout the world today.

NATE DAVIS: “It’s easy to go with the crowd or to feed into the hate because that’s what’s getting more attention, like on social media, but you know, you can turn the other way.”

With so much widespread negativity in the media today, Nate notes that it’s easy to be judgmental towards others when seated safely behind the anonymity of the computer keyboard. Because social media has grown to play such an obtrusive role in our lives, it’s easy to buy into the tribe mentality of “us” versus “them” and to fall into patterns of self-doubt or self-comparison. Now more than ever, Nate feels there is an urgent need for voices who can emphasize the importance of universal acceptance and togetherness and hopes to play a part in the spreading of that message.

NATE DAVIS: “I’ve always thought of myself as, you know, kind of a little bit of a rebel, and I feel like a kind of natural rebellion now is to be good, to be positive. Buying into the hate and the divisiveness, that’s not the route I want to go. It’s going to take each person individually to start pushing it the other way.”

With a powerful message in mind, and a natural instinct for what audiences find entertaining and enjoyable, Nate now caters his song choices towards serving both the audience, as well as that greater purpose. He urges up and coming artists, as well as everyone as a whole, that as we go through life, to strive to share something of value, to be a good person, and to express positivity towards yourself as well as others.

You can find Davis & The Love on social media or check out the release of their hit song, “Change The World (Be That Change)” on YouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify. Find them on Instagram.

By Erin McCluskey

Change The World

(Lyric Video) – Davis & The Love

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