Kimberly Adams is the Manifestor of Magic, a Successful Salesperson and Author

Kimberly Adams is a bonus mom, successful author and salesperson and powerful Manifestor of Magic. These are only a few of the words that describe Kimberly Adams. A transplant from Texas now living in Orange County, California, Kimberly built her dream life and has found her soul mission to bring that same success and light in everyone through her methods of stillness, practicing passionate self-care, leading from the heart and above all with love.

After healing from her past traumas due to an abusive ex-husband, derogatory boss and overcoming her eating disorder with the help of Manifestation. Kimberly is now sharing her story to help others create their dream and bring these ideas into Corporate America.

Kimberly grew up in a very image-oriented family in which she felt the need to rebel against and not fall prey to the American Standard of Beauty. Unfortunately, this idea revealed itself in a different and devastating form for Kimberly. Kimberly had developed an eating disorder after being sexually abused. Due to this, Kimberly faced the repercussions of heavy weight gain, depression, a zero-point grade point average and image issues. Kimberly discovered the light with the help of her father after entering an eating disorder unit. She began her new path dedicated to spiritual growth and self-help.

Kimberly then took a job at a dental office to support herself. Instead of experiencing an inclusive and healthy work environment where Kimberly could feel safe and comfortable, she was greeted with an abusive boss who would allow clients to grope her. They would continuously prick her with sharp dental instruments. She was verbally abused by constant, negative remarks stated to her face. The final straw happened when her boss stated: ”If it wasn’t for me, you’d be working at a Jack in the Box.” Kimberly knew right then and there, this was not her path. Something rose up inside of her like:

“No f*cking way. That is not my path.”

She left right there on the spot because she knew in her heart she was destined for more than just a fast food career.

Within two weeks Kimberly found herself a new opportunity in the same field in a dentist office that encouraged her ability to return and finish school. She was welcomed into a workplace that exuded love, respect and positivity. She found herself in a better state physically, but she still carried with her those past, emotional struggles. After sometime, Kimberly found herself engaged to be married, but her family knew there were signs it may not be the man Kimberley was destined to marry. He would call her derogatory, hurtful words and throw objects at her. He would continually step over her to gain all the power he could. Kimberly was finally able to set herself free after her third attempt to leave the relationship. Afterward, she was free but alone and left to face the unknown.

I was “47 years old, but I’d rather be 47 years old living that way (alone) and happy, not squashed and let my spark die. I was scared, scared to think if I would find someone and for my soul because my spirit was lonely.”

Her desire to strengthen her spirit was what put her in Miraval in Arizona where she “began to discover the Universe and became a seeker open to trying anything.” This ultimately led her to deeply tap into spiritual work where she learned from shamans, a reiki specialist, a crystal energy work, a light therapist and a meditation expert to name a few.

Kimberly is now focused on living her life with purpose. She stresses the importance of practicing self-care and following your intuition. Kimberly incorporates many things to help her guide her own spiritual journey. “Meditation allowed me to find myself. I am also a big believer in vision boards, angel guides and signs from the universe. I also have and use crystals as a daily routine in my life to keep my energy balanced. I also love yoga.”

Her advice to everyone? “To be open to a new, intuitive healer or someone to do Reiki work with. Just always choose to be a seeker and always try something new.”

Kimberly believes everyone has this power within them. The key to receiving signs is to ask for a message or guidance and most importantly, be Still. “You can simply just say “God or Universe, show me show me the path, show me a direction, please put the Divine Right people in my path. Please let me know if I should take this job or take another path.“ You will get the answers you are searching for. We do know the answers to everything inside of us through God, through the Universe and it’s about learning to be still enough to get that information, even if it’s for a minute.“

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Written by Jocelyn Tlilayatzi

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