Get Your Shine with AJ Sarcione the King of Positivity

We were honored to have the opportunity to speak with AJ Sarcione for this Podcast Episode. AJ is a Motivational Speaker, Musician and the King of Positivity. He is the inventor of The Shine Scale™, Shine Dice™, and the author of three popular books. AJ is known for his unique teaching methods, infectious energy and his encouragement for all to ignite their shine.

Spend even thirty seconds with AJ, and his positivity is infectious! AJ’s approach to teaching, coaching, and motivating others should be celebrated-especially during this delicate time when positivity and shine is so important to keeping the world smiling!

After interviewing AJ, we understand how he is the king of positivity. He is the medicine to negativity. Please check out AJ’s website to learn more about the resources he shares and what he is all about.

Check out the Podcast Episode on YouTube

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