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Denise Brown is not just a mother, stylist, teacher, and motivational speaker. Denise Brown is an inspiration. As a young woman, Denise encountered drugs, a neglectful mother, gangs, and placement in the foster care system. Yet, she did not let her early life struggles define her. While some may have counted her out at times, herself included, Denise invested in herself and is now living her dream. With so much more to accomplish, Denise Brown is currently living her best life, inspiring future generations, and, most of all, bringing more personality and color to a world that desperately needs it. 

PVM: Who is the one person who continually serves as a source of inspiration for you, and why?

DB: My son is my inspiration and motivation to win when I have stopped doing what I love, or want to give up totally. I look at him, remembering that no matter what, I am his mother, and must become a better me to give him a better life than I had growing up. 

PVM: You wear many hats—blogger, teacher, stylist, public speaker—which is your favorite, and why?

Denise Brown

DB: I started loving styling people, models, and celebrities because you get to pick each individual’s clothes to transform their looks, which builds their confidence and self-esteem. I love the fact that someone comes to me clueless about how they want to look, and with my touch, they look like a whole completely new person, which can help enhance their career, or even relationships. Now I love speaking because I find it more meaningful. When I talk to people about my life, and they thank me for inspiring them, the after-feeling feels fantastic! I also love speaking about becoming a stylist because I motivate people who felt like they could not achieve their goals as a creative individual. When they meet me, I uplift them and give them hope because of how I achieved my goals, coming from a troubled background in the care system before becoming a young single mother. Statistics would say I would never have a chance to do what I have done, but I went against all odds and achieved.

PVM: Fashion is a massive part of an individual’s expression of self. For you, what is your personality philosophy regarding fashion?

DB: What makes me an individual is that I have a big personality which is vibrant and colorful, just like the way I love wearing bright, colorful, fashionable items. 

PVM: What is the most important message that you want people to take away from your posts? 

DB: To go for whatever you have always wanted to do, and don’t let fear take over your mind. Stop speaking to the wrong people about your dreams and find the right people who are actually doing it. If you don’t know anyone who is doing your dream, reach out to online classes, watch YouTube, take a risk. Invest in yourself and your goals. 

Ed Sheeran
Stylist: Denise Brown
Photographer: Daniel Thomas

PVM: Is there something you would like to say to your younger self—any advice/motivation? 

DB: Denise, you cannot help your mother because you need to help yourself. Denise, ask your social worker for professional help as you are too young to cope with all of this depression. Denise, speak up, and tell your truth; take off that mask you are wearing, because you are a hot mess inside. 

PVM: You do interviews as well—is there any person who genuinely needs to interview right now and why?

DB: I would interview Sonia Gisa, who is a fashion model, actress, and author born in Rwanda. She recently wrote her debut book, Slaughter Baby, about her struggles with a troubled past to become a successful model. She can be found at 

I styled her for a photo shoot in September, and she is not only beautiful but also a pleasure to work with. 

PVM: If you were going to advise anyone starting today in fashion styling, what would you say to them?

DB: I would say to anyone who wants to become a fashion or celebrity stylist: go for it! Don’t let anything or anyone hold you back! You will have to work hard, make sacrifices, get knockbacks, study hard or even work for free when starting, but if this is what you want, you have to go in for it, as there is so much more information out there that you can learn.

PVM: What is the biggest struggle you had faced, and how did you overcome it?

DB: When I suffered from depression six years ago, because I went through so much trauma growing up, I held it all in, putting it into the back of my mind. Unfortunately, there came a day when I was in a position where I just couldn’t cope anymore, and there was nobody there for me. I had to ask my doctor for help, and she referred me to a counselor. I had counseling for four years and it was the best thing that has ever happened for me, as I learned how to release everything I went through, finding ways to forgive and cope with my future.

Stylist: Denise Brown
Photographer: Curtis Benjamin

PVM: What does the future hold for Denise Brown? 

DB: I am launching my first book on becoming a stylist in February 2021, which teaches people my tips of the trade on how to become a stylist, including my personal motivations. It is different from what is out there, as my story isn’t your typical fairy tale story, but I did manage to live some of my fairy tale dreams. I want it to relate to anyone, including that single mother, woman, or man who wants to change over their career but is scared. It is also for that young girl or boy who is creative and wants to start as a hobby.

Finally, it is also for students who wish to learn. To go with the book, I have created a 20-part fashion styling course which is an online course  on how to become a fashion stylist. Students will see me behind the scenes styling music artists, men and women’s shoots, attending a fashion PR, African Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, and many more. This class will be available on my website in January 2021, as it is under construction until then ( In the meantime, catch me on Instagram (@denisebrownstylist)! I have a Instagram show every Sunday at 6pm called “Let’s Talk Fashion and Motivation,” where I interview creative people from the fashion industry.

Ashley Walters
Stylist: Denise Brown
Photographer: Condry Calvin Mlilo

PVM: If there is anything else you believe our readers should know about you? 

DB: Growing up, I was taught to sell drugs at eight years old. From this, I wanted to become the biggest drug dealer or a fashion designer. By the time I was 12 years old, I was formed into a gang. At 15 years old, I was in the care system, as my mother was a drug addict. I left school with no GCSEs and started to suffer from depression because I couldn’t get over the fact that my mother, who was this beautiful woman, had neglected and left me. I studied fashion at the London College of Fashion. When I graduated, I learned how to become a stylist, which, up to date, I have styled over 30 celebrities and have mentored and taught over 500 young people in fashion. 

For Denise Brown, her passion for raising her son, life, and career has served as an inspiration, and there is no doubt that she has only just begun! 

Written by Carolyn Woodruff

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