try to be “unlimitedly” open to everything that you can go through with Amy White

PositiveVibesMag: What are some things you’ve seen on how people have shifted from Reiki? 

Amy White: I’ve seen physical health and emotional health improve. I always tell my clients the worst Reiki experience you’ll have will be when you are in a state of complete relaxation. That is when it is done right. Often after a session, the client will say they feel so energized, awake, alive or alert. They really have an immediate response to the treatment. I’ve worked with parents and caregivers who’ve lost a loved one by suicide. I often have received feedback from them after several sessions. They actually feel a lightness about them. They feel some of the sorrow and grief. When people start to feel hopeful they are more likely to seek other types of help to overcome the grieving process or move through healing of the grieving process. 

PositiveVibesMag: Tell us about your book and what inspired you to write it? 

Amy White: The book is called,  “Closer to Paradise.” It’s a mother’s journey through crisis and healing. When I was sharing earlier about how I often will help clients who are connecting to children who’ve died by suicide – 10 years ago my teenage son went through a very severe mental health crisis and attempted suicide several times. He survived thankfully.

As I was going through the process, I realized that nobody was talking about mental illness, mental illness in children and parents of those children. There is so much stigma and misinformation about mental health. I started actually writing a blog as my son was going through his crisis because there weren’t many people I could talk to. I realized many other people were going through similar things to me. I learned it would help somebody else on their journey, so the blog turned into the opportunity to write the book. The book is a memoir of my journey through the two years of my son’s crisis, coming out of the other side of his crisis and making the decision that I wasn’t going to let that crisis define me and my life. I was going to use it as a catalyst to thrive in my life. You can come out on the other side of something this challenging and traumatic and still discover a way to live a life that’s exciting, joyful and hopeful.

Although, I share a lot of my son’s story, the book is really my journey on how I learned to take care of myself and how I learned to create rituals of self-care. I learned to advocate for myself and my son. When it comes to mental health and mental illnesses, especially in children, you come with the bias of what children should be, which is usually happy. Mental wellness is something that’s a priority for all of us and during Covid-19, it’s time to really talk about mental health and the positive things that we can do to take care of our mental health now. That is why I wrote the book because I went through this very traumatic experience and thought this story can’t just be closed, it needs to be shared for other people to experience. You can come through something like what I did and come out on the other side, and lead a life that’s thriving.

PositiveVibesMag: Do you have any advice on writing? Do you have any advice for aspiring authors like yourself?

Amy White: The biggest advice that I can give is that if you feel like you have a story inside you, just write the story no matter what. Write it for yourself and for the joy of creating the book. Don’t write it necessarily for the purpose of selling it. I think when you write a story from the place of your truth and creative mind, people who resonate with that message are going to find it. Often new authors try to write a story based on what they think people will buy and while that might work in the short term, it doesn’t help to satisfy that creative muse that’s inside of them. Let everything else unfold and get a good editor that will help craft the story. I also say don’t read it until you’re done writing it. Be very thoughtful in the editing process.

PositiveVibesMag: What are you currently working on? Any new experiences happening for you right now? 

Amy White: I’m currently working on a new book called, “The Incomprehensible Truth.” It’s about being in this life human experience knowing that there is a greater, energetic mystery out there. It’s not about seeking to conquer all of the mysteries but using mysteries as sort of the way to help you move through your journey, so it’s very exciting. I’m looking forward to it coming out, hopefully sometime next year.

I also do work as a channel. I do channeling and it is a little bit different than mediumship where I’m connecting to souls of people who’ve crossed over that were here living in the physical. When I channel, I’m connecting to an energy source or a group of energies that call themselves the greater consciousness. The greater consciousness defines themselves as the infinite wisdom that exists within everyone. I’m tapping into the inner knowing of the person and helping put words to their feelings to validate things that they’ve already been sensing. I help to unravel their beliefs and ideas and thoughts and stories so that the person has a clearer path to move forward on their journey.

PositiveVibesMag: Is there anything else you would like to share?

Amy White: I would like to share that we can come into alignment with the understanding that each person here on this planet and beyond has a unique individual journey that no one can really know. I’ll speak for my own journey, I know that I’m on a unique path that’s going to be different from everyone around me and when we can look at the fact that everybody is doing the best they can from the place of trying to navigate their own individual path, I think it brings about a stronger sense of compassion and understanding. It makes us realize that we’re more similar than we are not as a human race. 

PositiveVibesMag: We don’t know what’s going on in their life. We don’t know their experiences. When people just go about their lives doing what they have to do as long as they’re not hurting anyone else or themselves, I really don’t really have any judgment. They’re just traveling their life and maybe someone has an attitude one day, you have no idea what happened that day, just try to be “unlimitedly” open to everything that you can go through.

Thank you Amy White for taking the time to speak with PositiveVibesMag, sharing your inspiring tale and how you have overcome adversity through the power of your spiritual pursuits. If you are interested in learning more, check out Amy White’s website

Written by Zane Landin

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