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We had the opportunity to speak with Amy White. Amy White is an intuitive medium, a channel, an energy healer, and, what she likes to call herself, a truth bomb dropper. She works with people and helps them connect to their inner knowing. She teaches how to use that inner knowing to help guide us each on our individual journeys. When Amy does this work, depending on her audience, she can help bring forward people’s inner wisdom so they can begin to trust, move through things that block their path and begin to lead their life from a place of knowing as opposed to looking outward. She empowers people’s lives, so they can start to feel like they are fully embodying their experience. 

PositiveVibesMag: What is mediumship? When did you first discover that you had the ability of being a medium? 

Amy White: Mediumship is the ability to connect into the non-physical realm. I can connect with souls that have crossed over from being in this life experience to passing on to the other realm and vibration. It allows me to work with people to connect to loved ones that have crossed over and with that, they gain clarity and closure. I can give them a happier life because they are able to close a chapter on something that has created an issue for them.

I’ve always known that I could connect in this way, but I was brought up to believe that it was not a good thing to do. For many years, I shut it down and about 15 or so years ago my grandmother passed away. She was one of my best friends, and not long after she crossed, I continued to feel her presence. It was very natural and organic. I would be in my car driving, and I would feel like she was in the car next to me. I could smell her perfume. She started to show up more, and I began to have dialogues with her. It felt so natural and so safe. I felt confident that I could use this tool not only for myself, but for others as well.

At the same time, I was doing life and business coaching work. While I was working with my clients, I realized that their loved ones would show up. If a client was talking about how they wish that their father had seen them make it to a certain level of success in their career, their father would show up. I could sense them behind me, and I could tell what their father was thinking and feeling in that moment. While I didn’t share right away with my clients, it was helpful for me to start practicing, tuning in and connecting. I had some belief systems that were blocking me from fully embracing the gift.

PositiveVibesMag: When you mentioned this other layer, this other realm, do you necessarily mean afterlife or is there something else?

Amy White: There are a lot of answers. We create our own reality, so we determine what feels good to us, and what language resonates with us. There’s sort of two realms. The physical realm is here in this human body in the human experience. There is the non-physical realm, which is where souls are no longer embodied, but are still diving in their soul evolution. I’ve been shown there’s really only one place that all souls go, and it’s this non-physical vibration.

PositiveVibesMag: Coming to this ability and medium with your awakening, how do you think that medium has positively changed your life? 

Amy White: If you had asked me 10 years ago if I would be doing this work in such a public way, I would have been like “No way!” It has positively changed my life in that I have learned so much about my own journey through working with my clients. When I can help someone who is here physically to connect with someone who’s crossed over for the purpose of healing, it’s beautiful, an honor, and a privilege.

I do a lot of work with parents who have had a child or loved one die by suicide, so being able to help families close some of the questions to bring some light to something that will help them to heal impacts me every single time in such positive ways. I think it influences me to do this work more, but also to show up in this world that’s more loving, compassionate and understanding.

PositiveVibesMag: How can you imagine medium or any of this stuff not in your life? What would your life look like? Do you think you would lose your purpose? 

Amy White:  I don’t look at being a medium, an intuitive or a healer as the things that define me. It’s part of the bigger picture of who I am, and it allows me to align with myself where I can show up authentically. I don’t have to pretend to be anything that I’m not to please others or in some ways, to make other people feel comfortable. There are people who meet me who are very uncomfortable with my work, but I still show up in my truth whether or not people are ready to hear, believe or accept it.

My work also ripples out into all other areas of my life. How I show up in relationships, the community and for what I feel passionate about. It’s a lifelong journey that we all are here to learn, and be the truest version of the human and soul combination because we are not one or the other, we are both entities. I can understand why people are scared of this stuff because it can be scary for some people who have never tapped into it or don’t know much about it. I think people do find their way and maybe some don’t in this physical life, but they will after.

In full transparency, it scared me when it first started. When I first really recognized what was happening – not with my grandmother, that was really easy. When I started to feel called to do this work on a broader scale, it did make me a bit afraid. I was worried how people would look at me, receive me and allow my own human journey to transpire. It’s not the only thing that’s me, but I was a little concerned about it. It took me some time to work through that fear as well, maybe even a little bit of skepticism, “like is this really happening and is this really real?” Through years of practice and commitment, I’ve come to discover new relationships and good friends through this ability that I have.

PositiveVibesMag: We talked a lot about medium, but I want to ask you about Reiki. What is Reiki?

Amy White: I am a certified Reiki master teacher. Reiki is a type of energy healing that uses energy passing through your hands. Then, you use that energy to help people on a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level, so you can unblock stuck energy in someone’s physical body. You can help them to open up their chakras, or their energy centers that might be not optimally functioning.

Reiki is just one of the many ways you can use energy to help the body to accept the energy. The body’s smart enough to know what to do with Reiki. In a lot of energy healing practices, I’m not using the energy for a specific purpose. I allow the energy to flow through me just like mediumship and channeling. The energy does what it needs to do for the highest good of the person who’s receiving it. Reiki looks different for everyone whether that be their physical health, mental health, etc.

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