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Having a conversation with Taylor Concepcion on Self-Empowerment, Substance Abuse and Mental Health

For our second episode of the The World of Positivists, (Positive Podcast series) we had a conversation with Taylor Concepcion on their passion for social issues, empathy and how they currently help people who are abusing drugs.

Taylor Concepcion is the Director for The UNNI Podcast, a Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Writer and Prayer Soldier. University of Nevada Alumni, they graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy, Addiction Prevention, and Leadership and Civic Engagement in 2016. Throughout their career, they have worked with a wide demographic of people ranging from Substance misusers, Athletes, and the everyday worker. TCMentality is their personal brand of which they have been growing for years through Speaking, Coaching and Vlogging. They have a passion for Recovery and coaching humans in becoming the best version of themselves. Their most recent accomplishment is their first published short-read on Amazon, “The Relationship You’re In.” You can find that available as an Ebook or Paperback!

Subscribe to their YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6CI…

Taylor Concepcion Interview

Empowering the World Through Data and Storytelling with Alexander McCaig The World of Positivists

Alexander McCaig is the Co-Founder and CEO of TARTLE, the world’s first personal data marketplace with a focus on the collective power of data through sharing backed by financial incentive. As CEO of a cutting edge Public Benefit Corporation, Alexander lead’s the data frontier by pioneering education around data and its use for society’s benefit.  As a very active reader and meditation practitioner he blends the values of a life balanced by introspection and material perspective into his personal and professional endeavors to help create evolutive interactions with everyone he meets.   To be a part of a bright and positive future, you can get started with sharing your data towards causes you care about at https://tartle.co
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