Using The Art of Music To Heal the World with Alison Solís

Alison Solís, also known by her stage name Alisun, is a Mexican-Cuban singer/songwriter that just released her first EP titled “Mundieo.” 

Growing up Mexican-Cuban, Alisun was exposed to many different types of music, such as ballads, Salsa, and Mexican-Pop. This range made her open-minded to other music from different cultures. She has always been surrounded by music. When she was younger, she had many occupations in mind she thought of pursuing, all with the same goal: to put good out into the world. This comes from her being empathetic towards all living things, no matter how small.

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She believes empathy is the first step to creating a positive mindset. Alisun found a way to channel her love for music, her empathy, and her goal in an occupation, that of being a singer. She delivers her messages through her music and hopes her story and music blossom inspiration within others. 

“My story, in a nutshell, is one that continues to be written. All we can do is be in the present and become the best version of ourselves,” she states.

Picture of a woman women with a black hear in a black dress standing in the dessert sand with the blue sky.
Photo courtesy of Marbella Music

When it comes to mental health, she admits she used to avoid her emotions a lot. Especially when it came to her first tour as a backup singer for the band Camila. She felt anxious but kept herself occupied to keep moving forward. However, she learned in time to be more in tune with her emotions, whether they were good or bad. She finds them to be “messengers” to her. 

Alisun expresses that she highly believes in honoring your heart to keep your mind at peace. To her, this means sitting down with your feelings and reflecting. She shared her favorite quote that encouraged her to do just that. 

“If the Earth never cried, the whole planet would be a desert.” 

As someone captivated by nature, she also depicts that through her music. Her latest single, featured in her EP, “Around The World,” is a perfect example. 

Her inspiration for the song was Greta Thunberg’s speech given at the United Nations. It was inspiring to see her talk to leaders about climate change. Alisun wants to let the younger generation know through her music that there are people who care and don’t simply want to make promises but keep them. 

Please check out her new EP, “Mundieo,” on Spotify! Learn more about her on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

Written by Jennifer Sierra

Content Writer and PR Professional

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