Inside the Beautiful World of Amelia Vogler, An Energy Healing Specialist

PositiveVibes Magazine had the opportunity to virtually sit and connect with Amelia Vogler, an energy healing specialist. She introduced herself as “a person who strives to align with beauty and support others in living and knowing beauty in their lives. Her definition of beauty encapsulates the virtues of truth, beauty, being a good neighbor, and how to uplift voices. Vogler calls herself a “tiger” in the field of energy medicine and believes each of us is worth fighting for. She considers herself a fierce ally of beauty who advocates for the betterment and change necessary in this healing world. 

Vogler’s beginnings in championing beauty are something she “[doesn’t] normally share.” Though she has worked in the healing arts for 15 years, she has been sensitive to other dimensions for most of her life. Her early experiences with energy–seeing it, sensing it, hearing it coupled with her keen and laser-sharp intuition made life interesting. This led her to some intriguing curiosities and coursework. 

One of which was a class centered on rediscovering past lives. During a past-life regression, Vogler woke up as corn with a visceral sense of being one with the earth. She could feel the sun’s nourishment and be in a field of her brethren corn. In a separate moment, she received a reading from Joseph Rael, an Elder of indigenous shamanic teachings. He channeled her name as “She who Walks Beauty” and offered her a drawing of her original energy.

At that moment, there was confirmation. Vogler was destined to be a steward of this. “It was a gift, like a mission,” bringing her to who she is and deciding to be more of her. Her mission is to help others find beauty and be one with the community around them. The confirmation felt like a homecoming moment that was an absolute “honor and privilege to receive .”The experience encouraged curiosity about family and its meaning. The experience still makes her cry today. 

Vogler’s upbringing supported her inherent curiosities and gifts. Her father was a funeral director, and her mother was a horticulturist. Birth and life were all around her. Vogler felt between her past life regression, the reading, and her family inheritance, there was a story that was too important to turn away from. All of these were charges to continue with her work. “I can’t not do this now,” she described. It would be turning against herself if she didn’t continue with the “authentic story” she received. 

How would you describe life and death?

“Life is an opportunity to grow. Death simply allows the material form, this vehicle, a chance to go to the earth and recycle itself like flowers and animals do. I know death isn’t an end. It’s a doorway to return to an aspect bigger than ourselves and rejoin a big-ness to be regifted for another dream on earth.”

What are healing arts? What inspired you to pursue that route?

Her interest in healing arts was sparked by an experience she had when she was young. After getting picked up from school by her father, the funeral director, the two would sometimes stop by the funeral home. She would play as her father finished his last-minute paperwork. Her time was spent roller skating and playing around what is often considered a place to mourn. Her father’s hope was to keep her shielded from the grimmer portions of the job. But, as a curious child, she eventually would come across a lifeless body. Even at that age, she recognized that something was amiss, that there was a missing “light” in these bodies. 

The journey into healing arts started by honoring the “lights in us.” Vogler was gifted with the ability to see the light in people. She first recognized it as early as kindergarten. Her classmates in kindergarten would get hurt during recess, come sit with her, and stop crying due to her calming and healing energy. “Healing arts is about how we use the light, essence, and wisdom in us that draws us into our original being to help others. Our original being has routes to our original architecture from which we are regularly evolving. From there, we find and aid in the beauty that we are.”

What are your sessions like?

Vogler’s sessions used to follow a traditional energy practice. This consists of an hour of laying down and unblocking the flow of energy in a body. She says, “think of a lake being fed by a river with all of its natural movement and cleansing ability .”But, if the metaphorical lake is in the middle of a field and stagnant, it will become overwhelmed by the algae and other “lake junk.” Energy healing is about reconnecting that river and healing throughout the body. The lake junk in the metaphor is the toxins we ingest in our regular life. It’s things people say to us, daily stress, and other harms we encounter day to day. It all builds up because this harm does not complement our authentic truth. 

After coming to the decision to close her physical office, she has made the shift to working with limiting beliefs. This work centers on developmental trauma. It is not focused on a singular big traumatic moment but about growing up the best we can. It targets developmental trauma in the first eight years of life. An example Vogler gave us was about parents going out to work but neglecting the comfort a child may need at the moment. The temporary neglect isn’t a failure in parenting but a normal trauma the child may experience at a young age. 

Through her work, she has found patterns of “lack of belonging,” “a feeling of never being enough,” or “feeling like they’re not worthy or loveable” within her clients. She works over the phone by listening intuitively to people’s stories. She guides her clients to rewrite those stories using specific methods of imagination and advanced energy meditation. The new stories are then anchored into our “fundamental light architecture.” After the two-hour session, people find that the limiting beliefs are no longer accessible. “Imagine living your whole life with the notion ‘I don’t love myself and think of all the ways that got in the way of opportunities to all of the sudden no longer have that anymore–it creates an entire shift.” 

How does it feel to help people in this way?

“I cry every day, and I just weep out of humility and gratitude for the opportunity,” Vogler said in awe of the reverence of their clients. “I’m cheerleading for them; I’m holding space for them; I’m honoring their courage; I’m celebrating them.” Vogler carries her admiration for their courage and ability in her everyday life. It’s the experience of someone coming home to their beauty and healing. She just holds the space for them to do the work. 

Empaths sometimes feel too much. Do you ever feel that way? Do you ever have to step away from it?

Vogler told us, “by virtue of my training and my cosmic mission, I feel that I was built to do this.” She fails to ever tire of this work. She presents herself as a grounding energy healer because when “we are grounded, we are most connected to our light source.” That connection keeps her grounded and composed in ways that allow Vogler to continue her life’s mission. 

In her personal life, Vogler has set up practices to take care of her well-being. She makes time each year to travel somewhere. During the journey, she will walk on foot 100 miles to see a new landscape, meet new people, and stay grounded. The knowledge she’s gained from the walks has developed into new methods of healing and working. Some days may be more difficult and require a longer walk at the end of the day. There is a month in the year when she doesn’t work and takes off entirely unless there are emergencies. Unfortunately, this past year resulted in many client emergencies that the month was spent tending to them. She has the support of a team consisting of her therapist, her acupuncturist, her astrologer, her qigong, her own energy people, her physical therapist, her dogs, and her husband. Her team was “mindfully architected” to create the support she needs so she can go support others. “I am privileged in my life to have the means to reach out to these people.” 

How does one find their own community and support system if they don’t have that?

With her awareness of her privilege, she actively offers accessible, free, and complimentary services. The inquiry and fortitude are the leading traits to grow such support. “When we need something, we will find ways to get it.” She has cleaned, cooked, and traded in exchange for those services. “Though now we’re in COVID, those services may not be possible now. However, I do hold complementary spaces for healing as often as possible.” 

What is your advice on how people can start their journey in healing arts?

Vogler recommends starting with seeing a healer help you at the beginning. Don’t start with the group class because it’s centered around your gifts, “know thy self.” To start learning your own energy system, it’s good to get on the table to begin a session with another energy healer. By doing so, an individual can start learning the language their body uses for its energy. These sessions allow you to find what you are sensitive to, “Like chakra sense or acupuncture or qigong.” This will all guide you to what path feels most authentic to yourself. 

Tell us about your work with children who have had brain injuries. 

Vogler had a career as an engineer but longed to be a teacher. After twelve years, she switched to teaching and is still a teacher today. When she got out of school, she started to teach in special education. Her role was to help students learn inference. Inference allows us to see what’s happening in the world and understand it without being told explicitly.

An example is a magazine perfume ad. Those advertisements use imagery to convey a feminine, floral, and luxurious scent through solely images. Teaching this helps neural pathways reconnect in these children’s brains. It is an intuitive way of being in the world. “The job is helping children reconnect with a feeling-based world.” Now, she teaches classes in energy medicine to support others in their transformation through her institute, Vogler Institute.

Do you have any new projects?

Vogler is excited about her new classes coming up. She is especially enthusiastic about her course on an underacknowledged chakra, the Hara. Her teachings about the Hara, a dimension of energy that corresponds directly to the soul experience. This course will be taught again in November this year. She has a free “take any time” class in grounding.” Her practice and classes are virtual and easily accessed from all around the world. It’s “Endless creation over here” for Vogler. 

Written by Waverly C. 

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