Discovering Your Written Voice With the Successful and Spiritual Author, Kimberly Snyder

PositiveVibes Magazine had the fantastic opportunity to connect with Kimberly Snyder and learn about her journey. Snyder is a renowned speaker, nutritionist, entrepreneur, yoga instructor, and meditation teacher. She is the founder of Solluna, a holistic lifestyle brand offering an online community program, online courses, wellness products, and retreats. She is also the host of the Feel Good Podcast, which provides practical tools to help you develop a lifestyle that promotes health, wholeness, and healing. She was named one of the top “results-oriented nutritionists” by Vogue. She is a wife and mother to two young boys who live in Hawaii and Los Angeles.

PVM: As a very accomplished writer and author – you have been a New York Times Best Seller several times. What do you love the most about writing? What is the most challenging aspect about being a writer?

I love the writing crave. I crave the stillness, the wrestling with expressing ideas clearly. It’s challenging because you can write and write, and then there’s always more rewriting and editing to do! 

With my last book, I wrote for over a month and then scrapped everything and started fresh! 

PVM: What is your advice for writers to be successful?

Allow the clarity of the core message to come from within and from your heart. The best writing always comes from you wanting to create something to inspire or help others in some way.

With my last book, I was not looking to write another one at that time, to be honest. However, when I was 34 weeks pregnant with my second son Moses, I got the download for the idea of the book, like a flash of lighting. I couldn’t push it down!

I reached out to my co-author a few books ago, Deepak Chopra, and he counseled me to go to a new publishing home for this book idea (Hay House). I presented it over Zoom, wrote one sample chapter, and signed my book deal three days before I gave birth and started writing 60 days later. 

I always meditate before I start writing- it is a major part of my process. This aligns you to your highest intuition, where true creativity and guidance comes from: from within. 

PVM: What is Solluna? What inspired you to create it? Why are you passionate about helping others “own your true beauty?”

Solluna is my lifestyle brand, which has offerings in all of our 4 Cornerstones: Food, Body, Emotional Well-being and Spiritual Growth. I truly believe that when we nourish ourselves holistically, we support ourselves in living a fulfilling, peaceful and joyful life. 

Owning your true beauty means that you tap into the power of the True Self- the unique, creative, stable, intelligent and peaceful part of you that is beyond the surface of who you are. You do that through living this lifestyle. You also start to drop the need to compare and compete, and you simply start living in more harmony. 

PVM: What is your definition of resiliency and how can people become more resilient?

Resiliency to me means that no matter what is going on in the external world, you have your internal anchor. You can create stability and security from within, from your connection to the True Self. You start to become increasingly more self-reliant, knowing that we have the strength from within to go through anything and ultimately be okay. 

I did not know my own resiliency until I went through some great challenges- losing my mom and then becoming a single mom with my first son shortly after. It drove me deeper down, which led me to birth Solluna, the 4 Cornerstones, this new book, many things! 

PVM: Do you engage in meditation? If so, what do you appreciate the most about meditation? Why should others meditate?

Meditation is a core practice for me. It’s about “union,” moving past the fear and the limited ego that makes us often over-identify with the outer shell of who we are. We create union with sources when we meditate in an effective way.

In my new book, You Are More Than You Think You Are, I cover practical teachings on how to create the life you want, and over 4 practice chapters I share an incredibly effective way to meditate, inspired by the teachings of the great yoga Guru Paramahansa Yogananda. 

PVM: What is your advice for people to have the courage to be vulnerable? Why is vulnerability important?

We come to realize along the journey that connection is most important. Self-connection first, to the light within, the True Self within, and then connection to the light in others. 

Vulnerability means that we drop the masks and the walls and the images, and we are able to connect with authenticity in a far deeper way. It’s beautiful and powerful and raw and real. Without vulnerability, we’re all kind of living fake, surface relationships- including with ourselves. 

PVM: As the world shifts to being more inclusive for people who experience mental health conditions, how does your work incorporate the mental health community?

Our third Cornerstone, Emotional Well-being also includes Mental Health. In this regard we offer an incredibly supportive community in our online Solluna Circle program, to support each other with the challenges of daily life. We also have a lot of great teachers, neuroscientists and more that I interview on our Feel Good Podcast to support mental health and provide practical tools. 

PVM: Do you have a daily mantra you tell yourself?

I start the day with an intention before I do anything else- even meditate. Usually between getting out of the family bed (both kids are usually in there by 5 or 6 am!) 

Often my intention is simply to embody unconditional love. It’s non-specific and a  powerful way to align my energy with what I want to feel, what I want to put out into the world. 

I also align to my Warrior’s Purpose every day, by reading it. In the chapter You Are a Warrior in my new book, which is based specifically on the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, I teach you how to clarify your own purpose. 

PVM: How can people bring in more peace or positive vibes into their lives?

For a start, come into this moment. So much anxiety and worry is about all the what if’s in the future, based on past trauma. Breathe down into your belly, feel the bottoms of your feet, and remember that you are right here, right now.

Also… don’t take things so seriously! Our primary relationship is with us and our True Selves, us and Spirit. It doesn’t matter so much what others think of us, what other people are doing or not doing or saying. The more we let go of caring so much and just focus on our own inner growth and aligning our own efforts day by day, the more peace will grow in your life.

PVM: Do you have any parting thoughts for our audience? 

Your life transforms from the inside out. Even if your life is not where you want it to be, focus on your inner state. Small daily steps add up to big changes over time!

If you are looking to get started, I suggest you start with your morning routine. I start the day with a supportive step in each of the Cornerstones: hot water with lemon (Food), 2 Solluna SBO Probiotics (Body), drinking the Glowing Green Smoothie (Food), Meditation (Spiritual Growth), journaling about what to let go of, anything I’m processing, and also what I’m grateful for (Emotional Well-Being).

For lots more info on routines, free meditations, and a million others things- please come visit me on my site and social! Sending you much love on your journey! 

Written by PositiveVibes Magazine Staff

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