The Molting Phenomenon of Jeremy Melloul – the Founder of the Clothing Brand, MOLT

Jeremy Melloul is a passionate individual looking to make a change by helping others become sober and share the journeys of other people, including himself. He is the founder of his own clothing brand MOLT. He is proud to be sober for 14 years.

He insightfully shares he is a fearful human being in the sense he fears failure like many of us, however, he has a greater fear for success. His fear of success begs the question of “where will he be when MOLT expands?” This is essentially the fear of unknown territory. However, this fear drives his passion even further to create positive outcomes.

What is your advice on overcoming fear?

Fear does not exist outside of us because we create them in our own reality. There are varying factors like the environment and people around you who can influence and cause the internalization of negative situations. The only way to face and overcome your fear is by facing fear itself, whatever that may be.

What is MOLT?

MOLT is a clothing brand for men made in the United States. It was created with the mission to create premium quality clothing and raise addiction awareness. It has a classic and clean look and most importantly, all the models featured on the website are in recovery and surviving strongly. On top of that, 5% of the proceeds go directly to funding the Sober Living Scholarship Fund to help other people get and stay sober. Not only is this just a clothing brand, but a special clothing brand with raw, authentic people embracing their journey to recovery. MOLT is about telling the stories behind every individual doing their best to achieve recovery.

How was the name created?

Molt is defined as shedding old feathers, hair, skin or shell, to make way for new growth. This brand was inspired by the result of Jeremy going through transformative experiences and he believed this was a fitting name to represent his passion and brand.

How does it make you feel now that your brand MOLT has been launched? 

He feels fantastic but he also knows it comes with great responsibilities. He is quite passionate about the work he is doing so this is both exciting and challenging for him. Another aspect he loves ever since the release of MOLT is being able to network and meet great people. He wants to provide value to others and in the process of doing so helps provide value to him and his mission.

What does the future of MOLT look like?

Currently, it is only simple, plain and classic designs, but there is potential to branch off and include different designs like graphic tees, accessories, etc. He wants his products and brand to become readily available in multiple outlets like stores, online sales, podcasts and possibly a nonprofit organization to help those who cannot afford the help in getting sober.

How did you overcome the challenges during the difficult times when you were close to giving up sobriety?

Perspective, awareness, acceptance, fellowship and programs. His life is his life, and at the end of the day, it was his choices that he made for himself. Doing drugs, wouldn’t further benefit his life in any way. It may relieve temporary discomfort, but at the end of the day, it does not solve anything for him.

In your own words, how would you define addiction?

“It feels like hell because it can destroy relationships and oneself.” Addiction allowed him to understand himself more, view different perspectives and create positive changes for himself and others around him. Addiction is not chosen because he chose to initiate drugs himself. But the chemical reactions amongst many other internal reactions could not be controlled. 

How would you define being sober?

Painful, beautiful, life and everything. Gratitude is the main definition for him. He is grateful he can reflect on the past and see his old, emaciated, terrible self, and use that reflection to be grateful that he is no longer there. For him, it is a blessing to be alive.

If you could travel back in time to give your younger self advice, what would you tell him?

In the past, he internalized it all and took everything personally. Because in the past he took every situation and everything that everyone said to him to heart. So, he felt alone, worthless and undeserving of love. If he could travel back in time, he would say “none of that has to do with you. It’s not because of you and you’re not alone.”

Written by Dansel De Luna and Zane Landin

Dansel De Luna
Dansel De Luna

Contributing Writer, Tarot/Oracle Reader; Reiki Specialist

Zane Landin
Zane Landin

Strategic Storyteller and Public Relations Imagineer. Founder of PositiveVibes Magazine and Landing Dreams PR. He is passionate about using communication and storytelling for mental health and disability rights.

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