Embarking on the Journey of life as an Awakened Soul

Spirituality, Ascension, intuition, higher-self, manifestations, divine, souls, spirits, and spirits guides are a few terms that have been heard by all but only believed by some. 

Our universe is constantly brimming and flowing with energies. We may choose to deny it, but the truth is that everything and living beings in the universe have a force field. We attract and repel the people and changes in our lives.

Sometimes our energies are so powerful and dynamic that we can tap into the other realms. While we’re usually unaware of the power that lies inside us, some events can change our perspectives and our understanding of the world and life as it is. Sounds a little scary, right? But this is how Isabeau Maxwell’s journey began. 

Photographed by Janessa MacKenzie

Isabeau had a thriving corporate life and like most individuals, she didn’t delve into the spiritual aspect of life. The shift came when her grandmother passed away. Isabeau was very close to her grandmother and when she saw her grandmother’s spirit appear before her, she was shocked and frightened. The first time it happened, she jumped to the wall and screamed at the spirit to not scare her that way again. 

Undoubtedly, she felt restless and wondered if it was her grandmother or her grief that made her see and feel things so strongly. After receiving multiple signs confirming that it was her grandmother’s spirit, Isabeau knew that her life was never going to be the same.

Spiritual awakening isn’t easy. The journey is long and arduous, and it can be scary. A skeptic by nature, Isabeau perhaps would’ve rarely given much thought to energy and spirits. But after her encounter with spirits and sensing a change in her life, Isabeau got to know that her family was spiritually active, intuitive, and in tune with their higher selves. 

During the beginning of her intuitive journey, she was constantly surprised and frightened. Before her awakening, she had never realized how thin the veil is between the mortal and spiritual realms. She initially adopted the simple yes and no method to interact with the spirit of her grandmother. She saw spirits along with living people in the grocery store, and that made her run to her car. It took some time but, gradually, she settled in.

Recalling her spirit guide, whom she lovingly called Big Dog, she reveals she spent 2-3 years learning about energies, blockages, intuitions, psychics, and mediums. Her intuitive ability awakened her mediumship energies. 

A significant amount of the population would confuse psychics with mediums and undermine the role of intuition in both. However, Isabeau’s learnings show that strong intuitive abilities enable one to tap into communication and connections with souls, not from this world. And each psychic person doesn’t need to be a medium or vice versa. She laughs when she recalls how each human’s wants are different from their abilities. 

It took Isabeau years to master her intuitive abilities and hone her abilities as a medium. It is only due to her efforts that people who wish to experience a spiritual awakening and strengthen their intuition, can do so in 7-8 weeks. 

Her work has transformed the lives of people across the world. She developed the SAGE (Spiritual, Alignment, Growth, and Ethics) Method. When she was ready, her spirit guide asked her to teach her learnings to other people so they could benefit too and lead better lives. The spirit guide did not attach any significance to the name. But Isabeau knew how consequential spiritual growth and awakening is for a human. She understood that awakening goes beyond intuition and encompasses all aspects of an individual’s life. As she was transformed, Isabeau wanted to give her method a name that would cover the most crucial facets of our lives. Sage, the herb itself, also has cultural significance. It is used to purify and sanctify places and ward off negative energies, a decluttering agent that makes way for positivity, light, and growth.

Photographed by Janessa MacKenzie

Since 2007, Isabeau has come across thousands of individuals who honed their intuition. They practiced regularly, and some even became psychics and mediums while many people felt their post-traumatic stresses and episodes of depression ease. Clearing mental and energy blockages, along with getting rid of physical clutter by taking care of our bodies and tidying our surroundings, are the best ways to take care of our energetic bodies. 

Isabeau has created a community called the Sage Circle that sends healing energy to our Earth and connects with fellow beings looking for spiritual awakening. From being a skeptic in a fast-paced world who was always on the grind, Isabeau has come full circle by awakening her intuition and spiritual energies and helping others achieve the same.

A kind soul wishing to make a positive impact in the world, Isabeau has one piece of advice for all people out there. Clear your blockages. Identify what troubles you and hinders your growth, and clear the path. The journey isn’t going to be easy, but you won’t be alone. As you declutter, you make way for new energy that aligns with your motive and soul. You can manifest anything you want, and things that are meant for you will fall into your path. You only need to take care of your energetic body along with your physical body. She also recommends grounding exercises to recharge your energy. 

The unknown is frightening. It is often demanding to stay positive or grounded when stress runs high and uncertainty is everywhere. But if there’s anything that we must all know and believe is that we are all born with intuition. Believing in ourselves, practicing kindness, meditating, grounding, and decluttering, will allow us to invite all that we desire and things meant for us. As Isabeau said, the energy may get heavy sometimes, but it won’t always linger. So be kind, be present, and trust your intuition. And always remember, you’re not alone.

Written by Devanshee Sharma 

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