Grief and the Akashic Records – Rohini Moradi’s Unexpected Journey

Who you are and what do you represent?

Rohini Moradi is the face behind the Magic Inclined community. Her internal, investigative adventure led her to share her inner world with others through the Akashic records. Her purpose is to show how unique and special every individual is and to embrace it fully.

What is the Akashic records?

The Akashic records or Akasha is multilayered, and every person has a different definition for what it represents. For Rohini, her definition is that it is an energetic frequency that lives all around and within us that records energy humans, animals, life forms, and entities emit. It is a record-keeping of past and current energies, but not limited to accessing the future. It can be accessed through prayer, meditation, and other means.

Rohini went through a long journey to find out about the Akasha. She went to see a Jyotish astrologer (also known as Vedic astrology) in Rishikesh, India, and found out her next child will only have a short time to live. Fast forward into the future, Rohini’s daughter Rishi, named after the village, passed away at two months. Grieving, she meditated daily and began repetitively seeing the word “Akashic.” This led her to research Akasha and is now an Akashic Records Practitioner.

Photographed by Meg Messina

Did Akasha help with healing from a lost child?

Yes and no. She says that she will never fully be healed because the trauma will always be with her, but she says she does not need to be healed to be a whole person. Akasha has helped her to see different perspectives, learn from her experiences, and change her actions. Instead of putting out negative energy such as doubt, fear, hatred, self-pity, she used her loss as a transformative way to draw positive energy to uplift herself and others.

Photographed by Meg Messina

What is your advice to those who have experienced the death of a loved one, miscarriage, and other loss?

What helped her get through these moments was she allowed herself to feel the pain and trust her own instincts. For example, if her gut instinct was to stay indoors to grieve, she would listen to herself. Her advice is to keep your heart open as much as you can and prevent it from closing; whatever that means for you whether it be surrounding yourself with people or just being alone. Some people want to show their support by helping or “fixing” things right away, but it is important to have limitations and boundaries for yourself. Grief comes in waves for her and still does to this day and that is OK.

What are you currently working on?

Rohini is currently working on teaching people how to channel the Akashic records. She is currently launching her second module Akashic practitioner part two. She is also creating teachers to teach the Akashic records. Every individual has the power to access it. It provides insight differently and uniquely, meaning one Akashic Practitioner will read the records and give a different, personal insight compared to another Akashic Practitioner. The Akashic records helped her personally by realizing that everything is connected. It changed her view on everything.

Written by Dansel De Luna

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  1. Rohana Tahira says:

    Your interview with R Meredith was inspiring and I would love to talk to you. I am from a Hindu father from India and a German/American/ Baha’i mother who embraced all religions as I do. I have a spiritual path which I have followed my adult life. I am very interested in accessing my Akashic Record- rather than going to a ‘reader’. What you said about this resonated with me. I have trauma around my children and feel this might be helpful. Thank you for any attention you can give. I would like to know about your learning modules as well. Rohana A

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