The Ritual Queen – Theresa Tirk and Stepping Into Your Queen Energy

Theresa Tirk is a spiritual leader and life coach who is all about helping people. She is known as The Ritual Queen. Theresa decided to help others after she went through a period in life where she lost who she was. She is a mom of two and happily married to her best friend but three and a half years ago she began to suffer from deep depression and anxiety. Theresa began therapy and traditional medicine, but she knew there was something more out there. She did not want to be on medication for the rest of her life, so she discovered spiritual and healing work after diving into the online world of support and coaching. She became a certified aromatherapist for herself and explored meditation, yoga, journaling, working with coaches, and dealing with trauma, as well as working with Ashely Gordon for a coaching certification.

Through her self-healing journey, it occurred to her that there has to be so many women and moms who lose themselves in motherhood and marriage that they suffer. These women and moms carry shame and guilt around because they want something more. Theresa wanted to bring this to light, and it led her to becoming a coach to help other women and mothers who suffer from similar things, reminding them they do not have to carry shame and guilt of wanting something more than being a mom.

Theresa was inspired to get her aromatherapy certificate after her own interest with essential oils and her own journey with healing. “I was in therapy and on medication for depression and I knew that I didn’t want to do medication for the rest of my life.” Theresa started looking into holistic therapies and found essential oils. Upon researching she found various and conflicting information online. She wanted to learn to use essential oils safely and have the ability to share with family and friends, so she found a certification program. She did it for herself. Now she feels secure and confident in her knowledge to share with her clients. Theresa meets with her clients once a week for a month, three months, or six months. It depends on what they want or need. She meets with them on zoom and is always available to direct messages.

She works with clients on goals they want to achieve while working together. She uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) with her clients. NLP stands for neuro-linguistic programming techniques to release trauma and pain. It’s used to rewire the way your brain thinks. EFT Tapping stands for Emotional Freedom techniques, where you tap medium points on the body and repeat the negative, then repeat the positive. Theresa also uses journaling prompts and records mediations for her clients. Rewiring your brain to think positively can be hard work but it’s worth it, especially when you have a coach to guide you through it.

What is your advice for someone who is trying to get into it?

“My advice is find something that you’re passionate about and do it and do it your way.”

For years Theresa was listening to everyone’s advice and doing things their way instead of her own. During her reiki level one certification training she began using healing and energy work on herself and realized she was a people pleaser and that carried into her business. Now she runs her business and her life from the heart. She learned that speaking from her heart and being her authentic self will bring in clients. It’s all about putting out the energy you want reflected back to yourself. She stopped chasing people, stopped listening to other people, and started running things her own way. “If their way of doing things feels weird to you then you will not have any success doing it.” Theresa encourages those she comes in contact with to look within themselves and find what they’re really passionate about and do that in their own way.

Theresa’s goal is to get to the root of the problem or issue. She believes “we have all been put into this belief system that we live by and sometimes those beliefs aren’t even our own, those beliefs are from parents, school, society, tv, so we don’t know what we truly believe, it’s what we think we believe.” Theresa helps someone dig into that and release what they don’t believe or value. Once that’s released, you can overcome anything.

Theresa is now working on a big dream of hers, writing her own book about her life story. She dives deep into her life from childhood to today and how she’s realized all of her life she was a people pleaser and how that was a coping mechanism as a child growing up in a household of dysfunction and chaos. People pleasing is how Theresa survived childhood, and she took it into her teen years and in college. She talks about her inner personal battles that she has overcome, how she met her husband at 20 and their family together. Theresa shines a light on herself and how she carried her people pleasing attitude into her marriage, her role in motherhood, and business and how she has liberated herself from feeling so lost and unlike herself. Her book is a heartfelt exploration of how she overcame her diagnosis of depression and anxiety and became the ritual queen she is today. Today, Theresa has adopted a toolbox to keep her feet on the ground and her heart open. She is building the life she’s always wanted and is helping others do the same. In writing, Theresa has learned a lot about herself, she’s forgiven herself, and hopes that others will get as much out of it as she did writing it. With an understanding of how difficult it can be to disclose these vulnerable and raw attributes of her story, Theresa feels that being completely honest and open will touch other hearts by opening her own.

In addition to her book, Theresa hopes to launch a group coaching program where she can help multiple people at once. She also plans on getting her level 2 reiki certification, and will provide reiki services in her coaching programs, as well as spiritual aspects and crystals. She has branched out from being a coach for moms, to being someone who helps people, and now is working towards her dreams as a writer. One day she hopes to be a female Tony Robbins so she can help and heal people by the masses.

Any parting thoughts?

“To find yourself you have to love yourself, to love yourself you have to know your worth, to know your worth you have to find validation within, to find validation within you have to stop listening to outside sources.”

Being true to yourself and what you love. For a long time, Theresa allowed outside voices and influences to dictate what she did. She started listening to herself within, and found her passion and purpose which has made her better all around. She’s finally following her heart which makes her a better mother, friend, wife, and better all-around for everyone. She exudes joy and happiness, and no longer carries around darkness.

Written by Konwalia Kotlinski

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