From Research to Reiki to Unicorn Rising: Calista’s Spiritual Ascension

If you think back to your childhood, chances are, you can recall at least a few magical moments. Perhaps you remember that playdate with an imaginary figure who no one else could see but, nevertheless, they taught you all about friendship and creativity. Or, maybe you remember that night you fell asleep with a baby tooth beneath your pillow and woke up to find that a fairy had exchanged it for what you then considered big bucks. In this way, you could say ascension pioneer and spiritual author Calista had a normal childhood; she experienced magic as any youngster might. However, this sweet soul’s magic proved to be a bit different. Growing up, Calista’s family members were magical in the sense that they practiced such arts as healing, mediumship, and midwifery. Unsurprisingly, surrounded by spirituality and what many term “white magic,” Calista herself began to communicate with angels at the age of six.

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But, like all of us, Calista grew older, her ego grew larger, and the magic that defined her childhood gradually dimmed. She immersed herself instead in the world of medical biotechnology and became a healer of the scientific sort. That is, she became a cancer research scientist. While working as a scientist, much like how a merciless cancer metastasizes, the negative energy associated with her own fears spread within Calista. She suffered from stress and other emotional tensions, indicating that her career, although centered around helping people, did not align with her true purpose. Unsure of what exactly to do in this situation, she enrolled in a course on Reiki, a type of therapy based on energy healing. With this enlightening course, Calista’s fears began to shrink, and the magic she had known during her early life began to shine once again.

Still, Calista could not completely remove herself from her spiritually unfulfilling occupation aside from the short bathroom breaks she would take at work to practice self-healing and to briefly indulge in a moment of stillness. Indeed, she continued to ignore the voice in her head, or her intuition, urging her to leave her job; her fears prevented her from fully seeing the magic that awaited her outside the medical field. Ironically, it was the loss of sight in one of her eyes—a manifestation of spiritual unconsciousness—that finally convinced her to leave what she now jokingly refers to as her “muggle job” in 2006. Thus, where many individuals experiencing workplace woes would have chosen to endure their career crisis for the sake of doing what was “practical,” “the safe bet,” or continuing “the job they worked so hard for,” Calista was choosing to reconnect with angels and unicorns. Calista was ascending.

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Today, an awakened Calista strives to offer some clarity and much-needed positivity to the world. To do this, she practices and teaches Angel Healing® and Unicorn Healing®, both of which she developed herself. Though these healing methods are similar to Reiki, Calista’s methods focus on energetic communication rather than the movement of energy through the individual. She has also authored Unicorn Rising and, more recently, The Female Archangels. Of course, as someone deeply connected to angels, unicorns, and nature spirits, Calista has encountered some skeptics. She acknowledges that such disbeliefs exist, and that people may not take her work seriously (after all, her former scientific self would have raised an eyebrow!), but, as a whole, she believes the world is ascending.

Looking forward, like us here at PositiveVibes Magazine, Calista hopes to see the individuals of humanity go beyond mere coexistence to ultimately take part in co-creation with one another. She recognizes that individuals are different and diverse but also equal and spiritually one, and she notes that these positive ideas related to unity are what angels, unicorns, and ascension masters all champion. Relating Calista’s viewpoint to current issues, modern-day disputes concerning COVID-19 would seem to suggest that society is more divided than ever. Yet, we cannot overlook the correlating increase in empathy and compassion as illness threatens worldwide well-being. This latter trend shows us a rising collective consciousness—one beginning with the individual and their own unique, spiritual awakening, just as Calista had her unique journey from research to Reiki to Unicorn Rising. You could say, then, true magic resides inside the individual. With the help of healing humans like Calista and beings like angels and unicorns, we can co-create a reality in which our friends are not imaginary but are each other, a reality where we wake up from our unconscious slumber to find a big, bright world.

Written by Kiersten Wright

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