The Gothic Universe with Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s Marketing and Relationships Manager, Tom Blunt

This episode of the World of Positivists from the PositiveVibes Magazine is all about the universe of goth culture and fashion, mental health, and the challenges being a queer individual. I had the wonderful experience of interviewing Thomas Blunt.

For six years Tom Blunt (genderqueer, he/they) has been Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s resident Marketing and Relationships Manager. In this role, they have built partnerships and collaborations with artists in fields as diverse as literature, film, fine art, comics, drag, pro-wrestling, and tabletop gaming. A resident of NYC for fourteen years before relocating to work for the Lab full time in L.A., Tom’s professional background includes theater, nightlife, and writing. Their most recent work can found Here.

Check out the Podcast Episode on YouTube!

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