It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Crouching down in the corner of his room, he was continuously shedding tears, letting the burden of his emotions smoothly trail down his squished cheeks. The weight of society and load of the thoughts was greater; than the mass of his existence. That specific moment was a halt in his life, a point where he thought he wasn’t brave enough and do not belong to this perfectly faked world. The boy was internally shattered; until life once again taught him that it’s okay to not be okay.

The tragic flaw of society is that being weak is considered a weakness. The impact of this comes forward as a struggle in every individual’s life to live with a burden of mixed and hidden emotions within themselves. Somehow not being able to bring them out because of a toxic mindset.

Meanwhile, the reality is that it really is okay to not be okay. To break down once in a while and let your emotions flow isn’t wrong. Being a human having a weakness is normal; in fact, that is what makes you strong. One’s weakness; is what urges one to fix the flaw birthing within them, pushing them to work hard to become a version of themselves.

The fear of imperfection is the greatest burden, along with being a motivation. The burden of this fear carried out on a solo journey, stresses our mind, and tends to make us tired, making it easier for us to give up easily. But when this burden; is shared with someone having a person ready to support you in your tough times, then the negative impact lessens, causing one to not lose hope and hold their horses for a better life ahead.

To lead a better and stress-free life, you must learn to let go of the things and thought that is not in your control. I know letting go is not easy but believe me, holding on is harder. When you let go of certain things and learn to blend into the situation around you, you realize that times aren’t always the same. Better days are there in everyone’s life, just that the time lapse is different for everyone. So during the hard times, it’s okay to not be okay.

Written by Senyah Izhar

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