With all the heartbreaking and challenging events, we find ourselves in today, one woman continues to take on this negativity and replace it with positive energy aimed at empowering and inspiring.

Empowering. Inspirational. Beauty. Spiritual. Queen. With all the heartbreaking and challenging events, we find ourselves in today, one woman continues to take on this negativity and replace it with positive energy aimed at empowering and inspiring other Queens all over the world. Yoni and Beyond creator Queen Aiz’sha Hanna not only provides handmade goods that have been prayed over and given healing properties, she provides services that enhance personal journeys, inspiring others to live their best life through her openness and beautiful spirit. Queen Aiz’sha graciously took time out of her busy working mother schedule, to inspire and empower readers of Positive Vibes Mag by sharing her own spiritual awakening and hope for the future.

PositiveVibesMag: Through your personal journey, what was your “ah-a” moment that led you to making your mark in this world as a woman who empowers others?

Queen Aiz’sha Hanna: My “ah-a” moment that led me on the road to empowering others was my personal journey of self-empowerment. On my quest for inner peace and healing, I realized my needs were not just my own but of fellow Queens around me. I noticed that our stories may have varied but the need to heal from our past, grow into our full potential, and care for our body/mind/spirit were the same.

PositiveVibesMag: Reflecting on your childhood, what advice would you give the young Queen?

Queen Aiz’sha: If I could give the child me, the Queen in training, a message… it would be, don’t allow the world to tell you who you are. In growing into adulthood, the world says what beauty, success, love, and knowledge is. But that is the world’s playbook; live on your own truth, in love and honesty.

PositiveVibesMag: On your website, you have actual testimonies from those you have helped. Who would you say is your biggest inspiration and why?

Queen Aiz’sha: There are many Queens on my website that have affected me in such a beautiful way! If I had to choose one, it would be Queen KeAsia. She has such an empowering gift! To be able to spiritually see negativity coming her way and courageously face visions with courage is empowering to me. Being able to have such a spiritual gift that can be scary to some, she embraces it boldly and with purpose. KeAsia seeks wisdom, radiates love, and uplifts those around her; she embodies “Queens Empowering Queens” and I appreciate her openness and genuine spirit. 

PositiveVibesMag: For those who never heard of Yoni, what does it mean and how does it impact your personal and professional journey?

Queen Aiz’sha: Yoni is a Sanskrit word that means a woman’s sacred space. Most people may think that Yoni is just a woman’s vagina (it can be) but for me and my business, it’s so much deeper! My entire business is a sacred space for a woman! Providing products for the vagina but also providing services for the mind and spirit. A woman is sacred, regardless of the body part that’s being spoken of. So in my day to day life, I remind myself that I am sacred in mind, body, and spirit. Embodying that affirmation empowers me to promote self-love and awakening to my fellow Queens. 

PositiveVibesMag: What was your biggest challenge in creating Yoni and Beyond and how did you overcome it?

Queen Aiz’sha: My biggest challenge in creating Yoni And Beyond was balancing herb-based products and meditation services. How do I promote both with balance and enthusiasm? I am truly passionate about every part of my business, but I found myself solely promoting the products because it was easier to take pictures for marketing. I then found myself networking just meditation services because it flowed naturally for me to speak about. When I created products that balanced a particular Chakra (energy source within the body), it connected the products and services together, creating the balance I needed in marketing and networking.

PositiveVibesMag: I see that you offer multiple services. Are these just for local consumers near you or do you offer online options?

Queen Aiz’sha: All of the services offered through Yoni And Beyond can be provided locally and online to meet the needs of all my fellow Queens around the world. I currently empower a Queen in the United Kingdom, how beautiful is that! Using FaceTime, Zoom, email correspondence or any means that are available and convenient for my fellow Queens.

PositiveVibesMag: What are Yoni eggs? Additionally, how is Yoni meditation and steam different from traditional ones?

Queen Aiz’sha: Yoni Eggs are grounding tools for a woman’s vagina. The eggs restore the pelvic floor and strengthen the uterus along the way. Using a Yoni Egg allows your body to naturally perform a kegel exercise simply by holding the Yoni Egg between your vaginal walls. The eggs come in different sizes from small, medium, and large. The smaller the egg, the stronger the pelvic floor. Not to mention, you can truly give the yoni a recharge using certified crystals as the egg’s material, such as Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Jade to name a few. Each crystal holds a certain energetic charge depending on its location upon discovery before beginning its molding process.

If you’re looking to take the Yoni health journey mentally and spiritually then let us dig into Yoni meditations! Yoni meditation is taking the mind on a journey of vaginal detoxing and strengthening. Tapping into your “Yoni” or sacred space; and riding it of ex-lovers, birthing traumas, and being mindful of the power of menstruation. Us Queens have experienced most of these chapters but what happens to those pages once they are read; in the essence of closing that chapter and truly turning the page I offer Yoni Meditation. To empower the Yoni physically, a Yoni steam does just that! Using my very own herbs that are homegrown; I offer Yoni steams that are simply the act of sitting over steam radiating from the herbs and penetrating the inner womb-man. This service detoxes the uterus from dead skin cells, built of menstruation fluids, ovarian cysts, calming polycystic ovary syndrome, normalizes pH levels, restoring elasticity, and promoting overall vaginal health.  

PositiveVibesMag: What is included in your empowerment and membership packages?

Queen Aiz’sha: Each empowerment package can be personalized to fit the needs of the Queen purchasing. Whether you need products to boost fertility, restore ph levels, detox after childbirth, or for spiritual awakening; Yoni and Beyond is here! Offering handmade and homegrown herbs for soap, tea, and oil, I include these three products in each box. Not to mention a self-love affirmation, cleansing chakra sage, and floating bath candle is my gift to you. All to provoke self-love and awaken the Queen within. The “Little Black Box” is an empowerment package to enhance your vibe and promote Queen energy.

PositiveVibesMag: Throughout your website, you not only talk about empowering women, you have pictures of other beautiful Queens and showcase other businesses. Why do you believe that this is not a practice done by all women?

Queen Aiz’sha: As my website showcases my fellow Queens and their businesses, I encourage the message of “Queens Empowering Queens.” I see no one as the competition but as my community and sisterhood. I provoke the thought that if we want to see a change in this world, we have to be the change we wish to see. I believe that is why we do not see more support within the community of sisterhood because some may be in competition mode or projecting insecurities onto others. Without the healing process, we may not see many hands of “Queens empowering Queens,” so I take on that responsibility lovingly.

PositiveVibesMag: With all the soul-testing events going on this year, what daily practice do you believe could help individuals find inner peace right now?

Queen Aiz’sha: With all that is going on in the world, a practice I believe can truly help is meditation. Calming the mind and silencing the outside chaos allows us to tap into our concerns and overcome them. I personally developed anxiety during this hectic year; having three black children during a pandemic and racial injustice era… I sought peace and strength. In meditation I found that I blocked out what the world wanted me to feel and found courage within. In finding that jewel, I added it to my crown. As I tell my fellow Queens, “Adjust your crown but never let it slip.”

PositiveVibesMag:  If someone was interested in starting their own business, where do you think they should start? What advice would you give them?

Queen Aiz’sha: If someone wanted to start their own business my number one piece of advice would be “find your why.” If you know why you’re in business, then you will stand strong in the face of work-related pressures. This will allow you to truly make an impact because your heart is attached to your work. My mom always told me to find something you love to do, and you will never work a day in your life. That’s true for me because ‘my why’ is being a safe haven for women to come to leaving empowered and awakened to the Queen within.

PositiveVibesMag: What is the one word you would use to describe your life today and why?

Queen Aiz’sha: Change… change would be the one word that I would use to describe my life currently. I have stood firmly on evolving and empowering. Being inspired by my ancestor’s wisdom and culture, I provoke myself to change and be a light to those around me. I want the loving fire that burns within me to set someone else ablaze; fires are contagious and I can only imagine the growth and love that can spread if we all were intentional in spreading that message. 

To learn more about Queen Aiz’sha and her company, Yoni and Beyond, you can visit her website and follow her on Instagram

Written by Carolyn Woodruff

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