Tragedy strikes all at a certain point in life, but what one does with it is how it impacts their life: an Exclusive Interview with David Garner

David Garner has had his fair share of tragedy at a young age. With the passing of his father from a heart attack, his brother from suicide, and his mother from cancer, David experienced life altering events before even graduating college; however, he decided to turn these tough times into positives not only for himself, but for people around the world.

Today, David lives in Canada and works as a life coach, helping people overcome their tragedy by turning negatives into positives. His approach to each person is unique and not “one size fits all.” It is simple on paper: he asks their story, their expectations of him, their goals, and what they don’t like about their situation. The tougher part is making a change. He notes that it is not enough to fake a happy-go-lucky attitude; his clients, and anyone trying to make a positive change to their life, must work on their subconscious, convincing it that there are positives that come out of even the most tragic situation. The idea that negatives can bring positives is one of the most important to David, and he reiterates this to his clients from the beginning.

David’s mother was the pioneer to his career. From age thirteen, she provided him with books and tapes that encouraged positive thinking. While at the time he would have rather been hanging out with friends, he is now extremely grateful for the knowledge that his mother provided him. He also looks up to motivational speakers like Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, and Susan Jeffers, and his philosophy is a fusion of his ideas and theirs, and he changes his approach as needed per person.

Though each person is unique, David has realized their response to help is the same. He has traveled the world and lived in different countries, namely Scotland, Australia, and Canada. Interestingly, the way that they handle tough situation is not the same. From his experience, Scotland has a tougher outlook, often putting forth a “you’ll be fine mentality,” while Canada encourages seeking help and receiving support. Australia is a mix of the two, and responses depend on the region of the country. Across the board, however, once people open and become more vulnerable, they feel a weight lifted off their shoulders, as they realize seeking help and receiving it is a positive experience.

With the current pandemic, David says that people can take control of their own situations. Building a routine is a great first step, and he encourages people to play games that strengthen their memory and improve the volume of their hippocampus to avoid potential PTSD resulting from COVID. Keeping in touch with friends via online services such as Zoom, receiving information from credible sources, and finding things to do that makes one happy are also tips that he highlights.

Personally, and professionally, David has needed to change his routine but has found it easier to do so when looking at the positives. He has grown more focused and centered on what he would like to do next career-wise, and he has found a new release in running, growing a fondness for it. Though he is no longer able to meet clients face-to-face, he is able to make do by Zooming or Skyping them; it does not have the same affect, as he is not able to read their body language in the same manner, but he is still able to make an impact.

Speaking with David for even the small amount of time that I did was helpful to me in many ways that I did not anticipate. He is kind, gracious, and knowledgeable, and he is someone I could see myself going to for help for my own mental health. His warmth and openness are something that you do not see every day, and it was a refreshing experience to speak to someone that has such a positive outlook on life. If you or anyone you know may be interested in life coaching, you can reach David at

By Michelle Allende

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